Europe Being Raped ! / Ignorance.

Most recent studies by international agencies about Europe ,  indicate that since 1970 Europe opened it’s borders and welcomed millions of Muslims as immigrants.The European knew nothing about these immigrants religion,culture,Sharia,or their background.

Among these immigrants were fanatic religious leaders and extremists.They came to invade Europe ,because they believe they are the chosen ones according to the Islamic teachings.

1 ) When Muslims make 2% of the population in a country , its seen as peace loving minority, not a threat to other citizens or to the country.

2 ) When they make 5% of the population in a country ,they begin to convert other minorities and the under privileged groups and recruiting  from jails ,street corners as its happening in Belgium,Sweden, Denmark,Spain,Germany,and other Western countries.

3 ) When they become 5-15% of the population ,they begin to use excessive measures .Demanding to have their own religious schools and centers  ,markets ,Halal meat and bread.( prepared according to the Islamic standards ).They demand equal opportunities and jobs.As its happening in France ,Belgium and  Holland.

4 ) When they become 15- 25% of the population they commit sporadic chaos ,demonstration,riots,and demanding sharia law ,so men can merry up to 4 wives and have as many children they want to over populate Muslim communities.

5) When they become 25-45% of the population they spread jihadism,form militia  and they are ready for we see in Bosnia,Chad,Lebanon ,Kenya,Israel,India,Guyana.

6) Saudi Arabia is world capital of Islam ,they don’t allow  a Christian or Buddihst to walk in Mecca it will be defiled .There is no church in Saudi Arabia .But Saudi Arabia has build Mosques in every Christian Country . To recruit Jihadists to kill the disbelievers ,Specially the Europeans.Is United Nations Blind ? No credibility at all.,but weakness and delusions.

(( There is no life in those whom we are calling to wake up. When will the World leaders UNDERSTAND that ISIS’s only target is to decapitate world powers.,and whoever doesn’t   surrender to ISLAMIC terrorism  ?????/ The Russian Plane was exploded by ISIS bomb in Egypt,yet Mr.Barack Hussein Obama says,ISIS is contained .ISIS killed 1800 innocent people within 2 weeks in Iraq,Syria,Lebanon and PARIS.Who are these idiots who are telling you this NUISANCE  lie.??  Jalal Michael Sabbagh- ))