It is very hard to build bridges , but it is very easy to burn them down.


Give up envy ,hate,lies and deceit?

The core of our so called civilized

societies corruption beside the greed!

To wish his opponent peace,when they meet?

Give up narcissism,deviation and cheat?

To help the weak when they are in need?

Not to let them be consumed to fleet!

To see the hungry starve while’

the luscious food enjoys to eat!

Give up one set of the two rules he holds,

The bitter one for the others ,but for

himself he implies the s w e e t!

Give up his partiality toward winning  and defeat?

Build for himself a mansion ,but refuses

his brother to own even a shaky suite!

Give up pride ,falsehood and with

Kindness the others treat?

Stop burning the wheat and the weed,

it is wise to separate the two

before igniting the heat.

Give up gossip,critique and adoring the power seat?

To stand up for justice…

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