E d u c a t o r ! / Winner.

My friend,”Life” is a great educator.Those who are envious and jealous will always loss at the end.

Don’t be sad because someone laughs at you for being faithful.
Don’t be sad because someone thinks your kindness is an ignorance .

Don’t be sad because the one whom you thought was everything turned to be nothing.
Don’t be sad because the one you trusted was the first one to betray you.

Don’t be sad because the one who knew your weakness used it to break you.
Don’t be sad my friend you have lost nothing ,on the contrary you have won everything.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com.

Change Is The Core Of Progress !!!

I dedicate this quote by the great British Author George Bernard Show (1856 – 1950 ) to every Arab thinker,educator and writer .It might help them to reevaluate their Present and plan for the future.((( Progress is impossible without change,and those who can’t change their Minds can’t change anything.)))

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