The Book Of ” Sirach ” ! / The Author : “Sirach.” /(changes your life)

The book of Sirach contains the wisdom to live by.

He was a sage who lived in Jerusalem between 175-200 B.C.

The book was written in Hebrew and was translated to English.

The book of Sirach is the 29th. book of the old Testament .

“”Reading this book Rejuvenates the reader’s ¬†heart, mind and life ,

.Reconstructs his thinking to value and appreciate being alive.””

1) All wisdom comes from the Lord and with him it remains forever.

2) Wisdom’s treasures is the paragon of prudence.

3) Be swift to hear , but slow to answer.

4) A wise magistrate lends stability to his people .

5) The sign of good heart is a cheerful countenance .

6) A fall to the ground is less sudden than a slip of the tongue.

7) Happy the husband of a good wife,twice lengthened are his days.

8) A word is the source of every deed,a thought of every act.

9) Hold the physician in honor for he is essential to you.

10) Birds nest with their own kind , and fidelity comes,
To those who live by it.

11) He who betrays a secret cannot be trusted,
He will never find an intimate friend.

12) He who educate his children ,they will become his delight.

J.M. Sabbagh-

(( The fear of God is the Crown of wisdom .

This book is a certain foundation for a happy  existence.))