I Wish You Know !

LOVING  the Spirit is infinite , but  Loving the  Physical Attraction is Perishable.(JMS)

I   –  When are you going to know,

How much l love you ?

I will deny my world and

Everything in it,for the sake of your love.

I will defy all dangers too.

I will even jeopardize my life for you.

II  – If you ask me for the ocean ,

In your eyes I  will pour it.

If you want the moon ,

In your bosom l will throw it.

” I love you ” over the Dew l will write it.

” I Love you ” to the birds l will tell it.

” I Love you ” over the waters I will etch it

III –  Your Love is my life’s story,

I don’t know what to name it ?

He who wrote it’s beginning ,

Ought to put an end to it.

Who opens a door ought to shut it.

Who ever ignites a fire ought to extinguish it.

My life means nothingness if you are not in it.