Life And Love !

Trying to live with love and contentment.
In the poems l write and the book l read.

In my grand children’s bright eyes.
In present time and times gone by.
With the ones who are dear and nigh.

With the mandolin that l love to play,
l sing melodies with joy l laugh and cry.

Like beautiful embroideries love,
Flows from heart to heart.

l have a thousand memories
Behind each one there is a story,
Forever will live within me.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

The Art Of Compromise ! / Accommodation .

Using a simple act of compromise in our relations,life certainly can be more spectacular and immensely rewarding.
Most of the time compromising can also solve any issue if people apply it selflessly with those whom they care about.Its a key to achieve mostly any objectivity.If those who are dear to me accommodate me,then its only fair to accommodate them.

Negotiation is another wonderful mean to mend differences between couples,friends and relatives.By who’s parents to spend the holidays,who decide where to vacation?where to celebrate happy occasions ? There are unlimited possibilities to make life blissful if people compromise!

(( Can two walk together unless they are agreed ? Amos 3:31/Jalal Michael Sabbagh. ))