The Ocean Of Love. / Obsession.

If you are my lover help me to forget you.

If you are my doctor help me to be cured of you.

If l knew how deep the ocean of love is,

l would if never sailed it .

If l knew my epilogue ,

l would if never sought it.

(( Love’s anxiety has no nationality or homeland.jalal Michael Sabbagh. in remembrance of A Hafiz.)

Nature Heals ! / confinement .

Three essential things can undo S a d n e s s .(1)Running brook’s waters.(2)Green meadow surrounded with flowers.(3)Beautiful face.There is a cure in nature but the many confine themselves inside their self made shells,deprived from God’s given gorgeous wonders.Depression and stress are results of trying to carry heavy weight more than a person can handle . Enslaved by man made electronics is an epidemic of the age which is called unjustly the modern age.Jalal Michael Sabbagh. (( If you are having trouble ,you should pray.James 5:13 ))