The Ultimate Sacrifice ! / He Set Me Free.( Post # 773 )

They wove the thorn crown ,

To put it on my head.

He stood by me and said.”

Crown my head instead.”

He    Set      Me       Free.

They tore my garment  ,

Ready to flog me.

He told them to flog him.

He     Set       Me         Free .

They lead me to carry my cross.

My Lord was there to carry it for me.

He     Set      Me      Free .

They laid me on the cross .

To nail my hands and feet.

He cried out ,”Crucify Me ,

l  am the sacrificial lamb .”

Then he took his last breath and died.

To  Set  A Sinner Like Me Free.

(( The Passion of my Lord Jesus Christ,Manifests in faith through deeds.))

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-