Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

l would like sincerely thank “Nature789-Tj’s” for the award.l am honored and overwhelmed.Thanks the Lord l consider myself very lucky to be among such dedicated and caring Bloggers.l appreciate your friendship through the websites . Your encouragement and your wonderful comments inspire me  to look forward for tomorrow.Every morning l thank God for giving me another day on the face of our fragile world,to reevaluate myself and our existence .I wish every one of you that your dreams come true.

Here are seven things about me:

1- l love tennis  and l cheer for the winner.

2-l love classical music,probably  because I lived in Vienna.

3-l and my wife babysit for our grand kids.,3 times a week.

4-l try not to miss Sunday Mass.

5-My Motto is “if talking is weight with silver ,silence is weight with  gold.”

6-My family is my first priority.

7-I love America for giving me a second chance on life.

With great pleasure l would like to nominate the following 15 Bloggers for the award.

1-Jump for joy. 2-Settled 3-Kia Carla 4-Love and love portal 5-Free tag zone 6-Mirrored -self

7-Abra Alani 8- Avante Gardess 9-Angles Block 10-Tales of my heart 11- Shotgun JaneSezz 12-Maria Karavoki

13-A solo Affair 14-Dotta Raphels 15-My 24 space.

Thank you and may the Lord bless you .(