L i f e ! / Glorious Gift.

Today both life and faith are being attacked viciously and with full force of a culture racing toward self destruction. A direct attack on the very essence of human person.The only sensible way to defend life is to embrace life with arms wide open with our hearts and minds.To lay our lives enthusiastically at the service of those whom we love dearly and those who cross our paths . After all ,we are what we C e l e b r a t e .Jalal Michael Sabbagh.My success is your success and your success is my success.

Beauty Of Art ! / Human desire.

l dedicate these thoughts to those who love art and appreciate art in their lives . Art overcomes  Stress , depression , despair and dismay.

The  A r t  that can self excitation for beauty  is  H e a v e n   itself  . The Heaven that mankind dream of since dreaming was ever known  , since Humanity opened the doors for the civilized culture . If  A r t  can control our senses ,our world can escape all destructive behavior and means. The world would be ready to inter a new era to worship what is peaceful , charming , pure , and majestic . The world would be ready to pray and sing praises for the gift of  A r t , where serenity and love meet in the voices which announce new Birth .

(( Everyone who planted the seed and everyone who harvested the crop will celebrate together .  John  4:36 )) ( jmsabbagh86@gmail.com–Http://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com )