Money ! / Money ! / Money ! / W a d . ( post # 518 )

Today more than ever everyone knows how powerful and provocative money is.
There are those who struggle to make money and there are those who commit
The unspeakable acts for it.They betray their own country for it,sell themselves
for it ,even end someone’s life for it. But the fact is mightier.

Money can buy a person a house but not a Home.
Money can buy a person a position but not Respect.

Money can buy a person a bed but not the Sleep.
Money can buy a person a book but not the Understanding.
Money can buy a person medicine but not the Healing.

(( There are those who waste their whole lives Wad money ,but at the end they can’t buy one second of health or happiness with it.Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

Deterrence ! / immorality .

” When deterrence becomes absent among certain people , whether its law,conscience, moral,principal or God,every hideous act of cheating,stealing,murdering,betraying and lying becomes permissible”.

(( “When a person strips himself from his humanity he becomes a monster”.Jalal Michael Sabbagh. Your success is my success and my success is your success. ))