Send Them Lazarus !

Lazarus, the poor beggar  lived on the alms of goodhearted people who passed him by, at his usual spot , close to a luxurious castle . The rich owner enjoyed life to the fullest.he held luscious parties all the time to please his spoiled friends.

Lazarus was inflicted with dreadful wounds and sores .He moaned painfully.He was suffering patiently . Whenever the rich man would pass him by,he would  curse insults him and threatens him to evict him forcefully. The rich man never had pity upon Lazarus ,never offered him some leftover from his delicious feast ,wine fruits, and the roasted lambs.Lazarus died at the roadside unnoticed.His chaste soul entered paradise from the largest gate. No more pain,begging or suffering.There is only joy without end.

Soon enough the rich man died out of his,avidity,vanities,greed and pride .His wealth couldn’t save him, miserably it failed . His soul entered hell to dwell by the fiery lakes.

SCENE TWO: The rich man lifted his head up toward heaven and saw Lazarus sitting next to the prophet Abraham, so radiant ,with wide smile on his face.The rich man began to implore the prophet ,his tears pouring down out of sorrow and regrets.”please holy one send me Lazarus to wet my lips with his pinkie from the fresh water of paradise.” The prophet answered him.” Visitation are forbidden between you and us,heaven’s justice for ever keeps us apart.”

The rich man kept on insisting desperately .” I beg you holy  Abraham ,send Lazarus then to my brothers and sisters to warn them to reject corruption,selfishness and greed .Ask them to be kind,to have mercy toward the poor,the widow, to repent,to fear the judgment day, not in hell to end.

Abraham answered him.” Many Prophets and messengers were sent,warning them of the awful fate.They didn’t listen,they didn’t care,they didn’t believe the ones  we send.They kept their old sinful ways ,you were one of them! did you forget ? So ,how they are going to believe Lazarus ? Surely they know very well he is one of the dead ?

CURTAIN DOWN FOR NOW. SOONER OR LATER THE DAY WILL COME THAT WILL ANNOUNCE THE VERY E N D .((The truth that saves is within the reach of whoever wants. Jalal Michael Sabbagh.Http://