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l am grateful and ecstatic for being nominated for the awards which l am going to mention below by a very special fellow blogger ( yessiesunairtie ) link ( http://yessiesunairtie.wordpress.com/2013/03/21/award- award-and award ) and by my friend Stefania. l am truly honored to be recognized and to be thought about by others.

1- These are the Awards . (1 ) Liebster Blog Award. ( 2 ) The very inspiring Blogger Award. (3 ) The  shine on Award. ( 4 )  The Dragon’s Lotalty Award.

2 – The  Awards rules are. ( 1 ) Display or mention the Awards. ( 2 ) Link back to the Blogger who nominated you. ( 3 ) Notify the 15 Bloggers you like to nominate. ( 4 ) Answer the questions about yourself .

3 – The answers for the 7 questions about myself are. (1 ) About childhood : when l was growing up specially in the middle school l promised myself to be the father for my children whom l never had. l did fulfilled my promise with the help of my Lord and my wife., up to 90% .Both our daughter and our son are successful in there lives and content with their families. ( 2 ) My past hero ; Flash Gorden,the prophecies of the movies became reality in our days. ( 3 ) l like the most ; Birthdays , anniversaries and holidays when people get together . ( 4 ) My favorite sport ; Soccer next to Tennis. ( 5 )  l enjoy playing my OUD ( Middle – Eastern instrument) and love classical music. ( 6 ) l like to cook and try new healthy recipes. (7 ) l was given a second chance in life .l appreciate every new morning.

4 – And the Nominees are ,l choose to nominate the one million plus Bloggers around the world for these Awards.Every one of them is a unique blogger by himself.Every one of them wants to convey a certain massage to light a candle in our darkness. Every one of them is trying to achieve his objective in the field he chooses , l am proud to be among you a  fellow  Blogger.Blogging is more than self  EXPRESSION  it is an incredible MISSION.

( Everybody’s success in my success and my success is everybody’s success. ) e.mail/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com- website/http;//mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com