The Book :ADvent Christmas.:The Author.:Archbishop Sheen Fulton.

Archbishop Shen Fulton ,(1895 – 1979) well known religious leader ,author , TV personality .

In his book the Archbishop sheds light on world religions,among all prophets
Buddha, Mohammed,Joseph Smith.Christ , Confucius ,only Christ was Pre-Announced .

.For 1800 years before the birth of Christ Many Of the old Testament Prophets made hundreds of prophesies about Christ Jesus coming to save the world from its sins, his life and death on the cross.

The other prophets are self proclaimed prophets ,people believed them and followed them without knowing anything about them or their messages  ,except they offered their follower earthly pleasures.

,Non of them were Pre-Announced by any prophecy.They just said .””l am a prophet from God””.

Christ the Lord said.: Many false prophets will come after me to lead you astray do not believe them.”

This Advent we wait for the coming of Christ and anticipate his second coming at the end of time.Rejoice fir your salvation is at hand, Hallelujah.

He who believes shall have eternal happiness on earth and in the new life to come through Christ .

Merry Christmas and joyous New Year .May the Lord’s light shine in your Hearts and homes.

Jalal Michael