Number Of Years ! / Achievements .

A person’s age ought not to be measured by the numbers of years he been living in the world,but by the number of achievement he accomplished in his life up to the very minute indeed.

A person’s age ought to be measured by the good deeds he made, not by the promises he never fulfilled.

A person’s age ought to be measured by the number of happy events and the successes he gained ,not by the numbers of dreams,illusions or the chances he missed then accepted defeat.

A person’s age ought to be measured by his humane believes ,not by the times he was jubilant for other people’s grieves,tears,suffering and their agony of retreat.

((Heaven awaits those who put a smile on a child’s face and those who wipe the aged ones tears.Jalal Michael Sabbagh- ))

Beautiful Virtue !

” My friend “, don’t say my ancestors were great people.Tell me where are you at now? What is the legacy that you are going to leave behind ? What have you achieved ? If you don’t Mind !

(( It’s a beautiful virtue to admit the truth and not to hide behind a feeble excuses.Jalal Michael Sabbagh.