Life Taught Me ! / Best Version .

Life taught me , there are those who love ,

Without expecting anything in return.

A person doesn’t need to change his image,

To be accepted , to be supported by them.

They push you to succeed to be the best version

Of yourself, they never let you down.

Life taught me to love everyone never to hate.

Life taught me to appreciate those who are in my life .

For memories of the future are made , now , today.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

Mother’s Love ! / The Ultimate Sacrifice ! / Tears From Heaven.

When he turned eighteen years old.

He asked his mother.”What will you,

Give me mom , when l turn twenty one?”

“When time Comes ,you will know.”She said”

Days before his 21st. birthday he got sick.

And had a massive heart attack.

He remained in the hospital two weeks.

He was well enough and healthy to go home.

When he got home , he saw a note on his bed.

“”Son for your 21st. birthday l gave you my heart,

So you can be healthy and live.Take care of my heart,

Love Mom.””

Jalal Micheal Sabbagh-

Lesson From Dad XIX ! / Masks .

As we get older the masks begin to fall.

Like Autumn yellow dry leaves.

Those whom we thought would stay.

Left , leaving painful feelings behind.

Like thorns penetrate the hearts to bleed.

And those whom we thought they won’t stay .

They left their beautiful passion with us.

So my son have as many friends you can .

Those who leave and those who will stay,

You can not forget nor what they leave behind.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh –

Eve The Princess ! / Inspiration.

An ocean of compassion and affections.

Her goodness is a lake of joy and comfort.

Her presence is the center of attentions .

Her Aroma surpasses all blooms and flowers .

A love dove between all the birds of the sky.

Truthful inspiration she is for Authors and poets.

She is an epic for every brilliant storyteller.

She is a well of kindness,faithful heart and happiness.

Jalal Michael

Seek Him ! / The Path .

He is The path for those who are lost.

He is the freedom for those who are in captive.

He is the safety for those who are rejected.

He is the unconditional love for who seeks him.

He is the light for those who are in darkness.

He is the healer for those who are injured .

He is the hope for those who are in despair .

Seek Him and he will give you eternal happiness

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-http://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.cpm.

Passion ! / Ecstasy.

l feel the warmth of your heart,

even when miles keep us apart .

Your love is the soul in my body.

Sharing my life with you is unending ecstasy.

When l embrace you l see eternity as a huge,

Ball of sweet happiness my sunshine .

Poems been written but not as passionate ,

As yours , yours are vantage  like pure wine .

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

Vast ! / Purity .

There are those who carry in their,

Hearts passion as vast as all the oceans.

Their affection and kindness can ,

Soar to touch the steps of heavens.

Their love and tenderness are pure,

Like the purity of children’s smiles.

They never change, never complain ,

No matter how many times they been,

Through life’s trials , storms and pain .

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-