Yearn To See You ! / Take The Chance.

When the moon is so bright in the sky.

When lovers dream under it’s light.

l yearn to see you, to your blissful smile .

Your scent is present despite the miles.

As babies sleep in their mothers tender arms.

l think of your tender whispers from the heart.

Loving someone is the essence for being alive.

l praise heavens for giving me the chance .

To meet you at the right place and time.

(( Wishing every one of you a joyous and blessed new year.))

Jalal Michael Sabbagh -


I Am Happy , When We Are Happy ! Race .

The Teacher Brought a huge Basket of Fruit to the Class.

He told the students , we will have a race ,among the ,

Students there was a star runner.”Whoever wins the race ,

Will get the Fruit Basket .”The teacher said.

They walked to the field and the teacher gave the signal.

The students hold hands and finished the race together .

Side by side , everyone of them was the winner.

Then the Teacher asked the star runner .””Why didn’t

You run alone and and won the basket for yourself ?”

THe STar Runner answered.”How can l be happy and the rest sad?”””

((Merry Christmas and Joyous New year My dear friends.Jalal Michael))

The Book :ADvent Christmas.:The Author.:Archbishop Sheen Fulton.

Archbishop Shen Fulton ,(1895 – 1979) well known religious leader ,author , TV personality .

In his book the Archbishop sheds light on world religions,among all prophets
Buddha, Mohammed,Joseph Smith.Christ , Confucius ,only Christ was Pre-Announced .

.For 1800 years before the birth of Christ Many Of the old Testament Prophets made hundreds of prophesies about Christ Jesus coming to save the world from its sins, his life and death on the cross.

The other prophets are self proclaimed prophets ,people believed them and followed them without knowing anything about them or their messagesĀ  ,except they offered their follower earthly pleasures.

,Non of them were Pre-Announced by any prophecy.They just said .””l am a prophet from God””.

Christ the Lord said.: Many false prophets will come after me to lead you astray do not believe them.”

This Advent we wait for the coming of Christ and anticipate his second coming at the end of time.Rejoice fir your salvation is at hand, Hallelujah.

He who believes shall have eternal happiness on earth and in the new life to come through Christ .

Merry Christmas and joyous New Year .May the Lord’s light shine in your Hearts and homes.

Jalal Michael

Gold ! / Love.

Not everything glitters is real gold.

Not everyone who agrees with you is a friend.

Not everyone who says l love you is sincere.

Not everyone who prays is a good believer.

The beauty of precious gold is in it’s value.

The Beauty of a friend is in his faithfulness.

The beauty of a lover is his compassion.

The beauty of a believer is the purity of heart.

Jalal Michael

Commitment ! / Wealth.

Marriage used to be in the pst stability and commitments.

Today most marriages are appearances, interests and desires.

Friendship used to be in the past a real treasure to lean on.

Today friendship is how much benefits ,and profits are in it .

Relatives used to be a refuge in trouble and trials times.

Today they forsake you becoming your worst opponents all the time.

One thing is for sure never changes .Mother’s love and father’s compassion.

The poor is not the one who lost his wealth,but the one who lost his dignity.

Jalal MIchael Sabbagh-

Faith ! / To Believe. ( Post # 930)

Faith culminate in every smiling face.

In every mother’s passionate loving caress.

In every kind heart that says willingly yes.

In the innocence of every child’s amaze.

In those who help the needy in so many ways .

In those who heal the injured’s wounds.

In those who preserve others lives.

Happiness resonate with faith and believes .

When they ‘r accompanied with heartily good deeds.

jalal michael Sabbagh-

Eternal Love ! / Celebrate Life.

Our love is eternal , will remain in the world ,

Even when our time on earth comes to an end.

Like the oceans,the stars of the sky will survive.

The mornings will remember our whispers and laughters .

The nights will repeat our kisses and our tango dance.

No fame or riches ,no matter how many battles we have,

Lost , we have won, love will remain the essence,

For being now and forever alive ,celebrate and thrive.

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