The Life Of The World ! / The Light .

”He said l am the light but you don’t see me.

l am the truth but you don’t trust me.

l am the life but you don’t believe me .

l am the teacher you don’t listen to me .

l am the Lord but you don’t follow me.

l am the giver but you don’t seek me .

l am the faithful friend , you don’t love me.

If You Are living In Misery , Don’t Blame Me.””

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

Beautiful Friendship ! / A Joy.

The most beautiful thing in life ,

Is to have old and new friends.

Good friendship is more precious than gold.

Friends who respect , trust and appreciate.

Friends who stand by your side through trials.

Friends who feel your pains and joy .

Friends who remember you even when they are away.

Friends who become candles to light your dark nights.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

Essential Facts In Life ! / Grandma.

Once l asked my Grandma about most difficult,

Things in one’s life .”She smiled and said.”

To get used to a certain person then suddenly he disappears .

Not being able to find the one who can understand you.

To Love someone when its impossible to see him.

Someone to die in your sight while he still alive .

To Believe a friend who lies because you love him.

To smile when you are about to cry your heart out.

When time push you to accept something you reject.

(( My Gratitude to the 3900 followers of my blog and to those who visit My Blog.))

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

The Beatitudes ! / Sermon On The Mountain.

How beautiful life would be if we start This new Year ,

With Christ teaching.His words are a path to heaven here on Earth.

“””Blessed are the poor in spirit,for the kingdom of heaven is theirs”””.

“””Blessed are those who mourn ,for they will be comforted.”””

“””Blessed are the meek ,For they will inherit the earth.”””

“””Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,

For they will be satisfied .””

“””Blessed are the merciful,for they will be shown mercy.””

“””Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.””

“”” Blessed the Peace maker,for they will be called the children of God.

“””Blessed are those who are Persecuted for righteousness ,for the

Kingdom of heaven belong to them.

All You Need is 5 minutes to read and ponder about your life.

Jalal Micheal Sabbagh -

The Extraordinary ! / The Ordinary .

To excel is to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.

to see the extraordinary innocence in children’s ordinary smile.

To see the extraordinary goodness in ordinary people’s kindness.

Te extraordinary achievement in ordinary people who determined to excel.

The extraordinary love in the ordinary hugs and kisses of grandchildren.

The extraordinary in the ordinary people’s hope for better future.

the extraordinary in the ordinary birth of Christ the infant.

the Extraordinary in God’s ordinary generous blessings and love.

To see the extraordinary in nature’s beauty , in the 4 season , in the rainbow.

May the new year helps us to see the extraordinary in the ordinary .

Happy , Healthy, Prosperous, Kinder, Loving , Tolerance 2017 Everyone.

((( My Heartily appreciation to the 3900 followers of my blog and to everyone who visits

my humble blog.Keep smiling and keep hoping.)))

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

Toward ! / Away ! / New Version.

Usually a journey toward a certain destination,

Is a journey away from somewhere or something.

When a person tries to go back to authentic values.

He needs to turn away from his current habits.

He needs to reject whatever led him to strive for,

worldly possessions and pleasures..

What does a person gain if he wins the world ,

And loses himself in the process ?

Its not an easy task to have a clear conscience.

It demands determination and will power.Temptations,

Can lead the may astray and self destruction.

May the new year bring new start for those who want ,

To change their ways in life and seek a new version for themselves.

((Success is the key for happiness and happiness is the key for success.))

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-http://mysuccessisyoursucces.wordpress,com

Tolerance Is The Greatest Power ! / VIRTUE .

(( In memory of Cynthia Jobin. She was a gentle friend and loving soul.))

Try the power of love not hate and despair.

Try the power of healing not injuring and fear.

Try the power of forgiving not condemning and sneer.

Try the power of tolerance not enmity and smear .

Try the power of unity not divisiveness of a seer.

Try the power of encouragement and cheer .

Try the power of reconciliation not regrets and tears.

((((Merry Christmas and may your dreams come true this new year.))))

Jalal Michael Sabbagh–http://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress .com