Lesson From Dad XXXVII ! / No Tears .

My son stop blaming yourself.

Do not fell sorry for a relation that ceased.

Do not cry for the one who intentionally disappeared.

For whom you sacrificed everything and your good deed.

He does not deserve even one single tear from your eye.

Hold to what you and start new my beloved dear son .

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Jalal Michael Sabbagh.Mysuccessisyoursuccess.


New Existence ! / One Fate.

There are two kingdoms the many believe .

The kingdom of earthly pleasures and deceive.

The temporary existence of lies and cheat.

Where pain and sorrow are results of greed.

And the Kingdom of heaven where happiness proceeds .

The new existence that is promised by great King.

Everlasting celebration of a new life never ends.

There is no third choice my dear precious friends.

Its up to you which of the two kingdoms you chose.

There is only one path which will decide your F a t e .

Jalal Michael Sabbagh .Msuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com

Caribbean Cruise Vacation .

My wife and l will take our Vacation between June 7 – June 15 .

We are taking the Princess Cruse to the Caribbean .

We will Visit Grand Cayman Island, Roatan /Honduras,

Belize city / Belize and Cozumel / Mexico

We are going to fly From Los Angeles to Florida to take the ship.

My Best regards and thank you for following my humble blog .

Jalal Michael Sabbagh

Most Beautiful Thing ! / Opinion .

Most beautiful thing in a man is his Manhood .

Most beautiful thing in a woman is her Jealousy .

Most beautiful thing in a child is his innocence.

Most beautiful thing in the night is its calmness.

Most beautiful thing in an ocean is its Rage.

Most beautiful language in the world is Silence.

Most powerful language in the world is Tears..

Jalal Michael Sabbagh , Mysuccessisoursuccess.

Lesson From Dad XXXVI / Goodness.

My son , despite all circumstance ,

Never stop doing good for others.

Let your deed be your guide .

Regardless whom you help ,

Regardless who they might be.

Never expect something in return..

To put a smile on a child’s face ,

To wipe a tear from someone’s face .

Your reward in heaven will be great.

Happiness is to sacrifice your comfort for someone else.

Remember, l pray to the Lord to blesses your heart .

Jalal Michael Sabbagh. Mysuccessisyousuccess.

Modern Culture ! / Path.

The modern culture of extreme liberalism and tolerance,

Is preventing most of the youth to choose the right path.

the path that leads their life journey to happiness and success.

These tragedies which people are witnessing are the results of,

Lack of morality , family values, and pushing God to the rear end.

Faithfulness , authenticity are declining for the sake of the unknown.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh .Mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com

Right And Wrong ! / Good And Bad.

Both good and evil are contagious .

But the real challenge for everyone,

Is to be an example for what he believe in.

It Is very hard to be good because it takes,

Courage , kind heart, will power and patience .

But its very easy to be bad person and side with evil.

Goodness is the path to happiness and peace of mind .

Evil is the path to pain , sorrow , regret and misery .

Jalal Michael Sabbagh. Mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress,com