Silence ! / Patient Friend .

These thoughts are from my published book”The Silence.”

“Silence accompanies us when we are born ,when we are,

Sleep and when we say farewell to this temporary exist.

When life’s earthly journey comes to an end.

Silence awaits for the sun to rise from the east.

Farmers wake up to watch the birds feeding their chicks.

Silence even waits for Spring for the tress to bloom .

Patience is the essence for sadness to fade and melt.

Silence is the cure for the injured to heal and mend.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

Interior Plastic Surgery ! / Natural Beauty.

There are those who desperately have an

Exterior plastic surgery.Having face lift,

Or having corrective beautifying surgery.

They do it for a million reason they invent.

Also there are those who need interior ,

Plastic surgery to reconstruct their,

Hearts and minds to beautify them.

To alter their hate and envy to become,

Love , Kindness, gentleness and decency.

To sever those cells that contain inhuman

Feelings , selfishness and bitter resentment.

The world is in dire need for brilliant surgeons ,

To Change those who thrive on people’s misery.

Jalal Michael

Gone With The Wind ! / Self Emancipation.

Millions of people around the world watched the movie,

First time when it run in movie theaters on December 15, 1939.

The movie won ten Oscar rewards and global rewards.

Gone With The Wind ,remains to be ,one of the greatest movie,

Ever , produced in the capital of world magic land Hollywood.

The movie was based on a 1936 novel by Margaret Mitchell .

More than a million copies of the book were sold.

The author M. Mitchell, won the ” Politzer Prize.”

The novel was translated to more than forty language.

Watching the movie or reading the novel.A person comes,

To one conclusion .the emancipation of the masses and

About self emancipation from worldly attachment .

The Cross used to be considered a sign of weakness ,

And humiliation .But after Christ’s resurrection ,

The Cross became a sign of victory and salvation .

Jalal MIchael sabbagh-

Where Are We Heading ? / Ever Lasting Existence.

Are we here on this earth to accumulate wealth ?

To obtain PHD. degrees ,titles and fancy prestige .

To buy luxurious mansions , airplanes and cars.

Are we here to seek power and ultimate fame ?

The real purpose for being here my friends,

Is to prepare ourselves to the eternal existence.

To walk in the path which lead us to true happiness.

Those who seek the will of God not their own ,

Will succeed , will triumph now and at  the end.

Jalal MIchael

Sanity ! / Cessation !/ Love And Peace.(Post # 888)

Where there is love , there is peace.

Where there is no love , there is no peace.

All efforts for reconciliation definitely cease.

In our human terms everything based on yours and mine.

Peace , people absolutely failed to understand or define.

When did the world witnessed sanity reign ?

Without honest intentions solutions won’t have a spine.

The many tried to plant the seeds time after time .

But the wicked ones pluck them out of blind greed.

Those who supposed to be the leaders badly failed.

When did humanity lived in peace my friend ?

Promises which are not kept can’t be mend .

Morals and values by the many are deformed.

Even , the Lord of life been pushed to the rear end.

((Will people think to change ,or they will keep doing the same thing ? ))

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

Life Taught Me ! / Best Version .

Life taught me , there are those who love ,

Without expecting anything in return.

A person doesn’t need to change his image,

To be accepted , to be supported by them.

They push you to succeed to be the best version

Of yourself, they never let you down.

Life taught me to love everyone never to hate.

Life taught me to appreciate those who are in my life .

For memories of the future are made , now , today.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

Mother’s Love ! / The Ultimate Sacrifice ! / Tears From Heaven.

When he turned eighteen years old.

He asked his mother.”What will you,

Give me mom , when l turn twenty one?”

“When time Comes ,you will know.”She said”

Days before his 21st. birthday he got sick.

And had a massive heart attack.

He remained in the hospital two weeks.

He was well enough and healthy to go home.

When he got home , he saw a note on his bed.

“”Son for your 21st. birthday l gave you my heart,

So you can be healthy and live.Take care of my heart,

Love Mom.””

Jalal Micheal Sabbagh-