Keep The Hope.

My friend never regret a day in your life.

Good days bring you happiness and success.

Bad days give you experience to advance .

Always the key for success is determination.

For the key for success is happiness .

And being happy is the key for success.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh

A Journey To Travel.

There are those who leave when they find your replacement.

Otheres leave to complete their lives without you .

Otheres leave when they find out there is no place ,

For them in your heart.

Others leave to go to a different world beside this temporary one.

All paths are open for traveling.Some Paths lead to hardship and sadness.

Other paths can lead you to happiness and content when you have dreams.

Jalal Michael

Rain , Rain , Rain.

My dear friend ,pray in the Morning and at night.
Might The sky rains love and compassion.
To water those hearts of stone and the stiff minds.
THe rivers of kindness has dried out , and the fields trees withered .
The fruits of decency and kindness were robbed by thieves.
Appereances become evrything in lost world.
Seeking happiness in material things.
will lead humans to dispair and misery .
Keep pray My friend.
Jalal MIchael Sabbagh 11/14/2020

Exceptional Four.

Once a wise man told me a great advise , l always remember.

Four you never mistreat , your father , mother , brother and sister.

Four you never be harsh to ,the orphan ,the poor, the weak and the sick.

Four things you shoul do your best to avoid ,being selfish, arrogant ,envious

And being delusionist.

Four things can help you keep your friends, patience , kindness , trust,

And faithfulness.

Four things can damage your personality ,sadness , greed , solicitude .

And stinginess.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh /

Keep Wishing And Keep Praying.

l wish love will cleanse every heart .

Like the rain washes the trees and the Mountains.

l wish passion and affection can reside in every home.

l wish kindness can embrace , the sick , the lonely and the needy ones

When l pray , l wish happiness, success and good health for everyone.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh. Mysuccessisyoursuccess.


A Plan To Succeed.

My friend there are two types of failures.

One failure is the result of thinking ,

But not acting to upon it to achieve it.

the other type of failure is deeds ,

Without thinking how to achive them.

For who persist and having a plan will succeed.

When planning and deeds unite achievement happens.

Success definitly awaits those who paln and act .

Jalal Michael Sabbagh.Mysuccessisyoursuccess.

Trying To Forget.

My friend ,everyone has his own way to forget.

There are those who cry to forget.

There are those who laugh to forget.

There are those who sleep to forget.

There are those who remain silent to forget.

There are those who work hard to forget.

And there are those who tried all the above and did not forget.

Which one of them are can you my friend.

Jalal Michael Sbbagh .Mysuccessisyoursuccess.