See The Beauty Of Life.

The beauty of childhood is in its innocence,.

The beauty of the day is in its brightness.

The beauty of the night is in its calmness.

The beauty of the ocean is in its waves rushing to the shores

Most beautiful wish for the world is peace.

Most beautiful word in the dictionary is grace.

Most powerful language in the world are the rears.

Most admirable language in the world is silence.

And most beautiful love in the world is mother’s love.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh/


Logic And Facts.

Wood is tough and strong but iron can cut it.

Iron is solid and strong but fire can melt it.

Fire is strong and burns but water can extinguish it

Water is strong but the sun can evaporate it.

The Sun is strong but the clouds can hid her .

The clouds are strong but the winds can scatter her.

the Winds are strong but the mountains resist her.

The Mountains are strong but man can destroy and explode her.

It is very wise to know our limits when it comes to logic.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh/

Ambition And Dedication

My friend there is no electrical elevator for success.

You have to take one step at a time to climb the ladder.

It is wise to appreciate the people you meet,

They are like pages of great book.

You stop at the interesting pages and ignore the rest.

Remember a book is like a chariot , it can take you ,

Anywhere you like any where you dream of.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh/

Sweet Talk.

The beauty of a face is in the smile.

The beauty of mind is in thinking straight.

The beauty of a tongue is in silence.

Beauty of the the soul is in thanksgiving.

Beauty of heart is in loving people.

The beauty of personality is being honest .

The beauty of content is to be happy with yourself .

And the beauty of words is when they are truthful.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh.

the beauty

Master I want To See.

“Lord l want to see ,please hear my plea.

Not only to see with my eyes ,but also spiritually .””

Help me Lord to understand your ways and humility .

The Blind man of Jericho kept shouting son of David Have mercy on me.

The master sopped close to the blind man and asked him.

“What you want me to do for you .?”

Master open my eyes l want to see your face.”

Most of the times we need not only to see with our eyes,

But to see with our minds and our hearts.

To see those who need help around us.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh ,

when the reality surfaces >

Husbands are known when their wives are ill.

Wives are known when their husbands are poor.

Children are known when their parent are old

Siblings are known when they are dividing the inheritance .

Friends are known at times of trials and troubles .

Relatives are known when they at distant .

True lovers are known when they are united as one.

Jalal Michael


Kindness And Happiness !

When you plant giving you reap love .

When you plant humbleness you reap respect.

When you plant faithfulness you reap trust .

When plant dedication you reap success.

When you plant harmony you reap peace .

When you plant good deeds you reap appreciation.

And when you plants kindness you surly reap happiness.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh/

Not Every Woman Can Be Replaced !

not very woman can be replaced by another woman !

There is a woman if you lose her carelessly ,

You will never find another who is like her.

You willspend the rest of you life collecting,

What is left from her picture from another thousand women.,

But you will never collet them to fill her absence .

My regards

Jalal Michael Sabbagh ,

Reality and Facts.

When someone ignores reality he is like someone who is,

Watering a fake tree and expect fruit from it.

When someone does not learn from his failures

He is like someone who is traveling without an aim .

When someone lives in the shadows of the others ,

He is like a bird who is raised in a cage and thinks flying is a crime.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh

Will I Meet You Tomorrow ?( Al-Hadi Adam)

Will l meet you tomorrow ?

How my heart dreads this tomorrow.

How l yearn and how l burn in anticipation of our meeting.

Oh’ how l fear this tomorrow of mine , and how l pray it to come soon.

I beckon it ,but as it would approach ,l grow fearful of it.

And the joy of his coming closer would emanate as he’d respond back.

Such is how I endure this life with its blisses and torments.

Will your lights shine tomorrow in the nights of my eyes ?

How jubilee of my dreams and the dreadfulness of my doubts make me feel.

How often l call out to you and in my melody are yearning and prayer.

You are the paradise of my love , my yearning and my madness.

Jalal Michael