Faithfulness ! / Purity Of Heart.

Not everything glitters is diamond or gold .

Not everyone agrees with you is real friend.

Not everyone who says l love you is sincere .

Not everyone who prays is devoted believer.

The beauty of precious gold is in it’s value.

The beauty of a friend is in his faithfulness.

The beauty of a lover is in his compassion .

The beauty of a believer is in the purity of heart.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-


Lawlessness ! / Poverty

Lack Of Intelligence Is The Greatest Poverty In Our Present Times.


In third world countries,

Thieves sleep comfortable.

They have no worries ,

The dictators  protect them.

Politicians take bribes openly.

They  invest their money in the West.

Their constitutions do not help the poor.

They are mere inks on papers nothing else.

Inequality , injustice , poverty  and brutality are ,

Dictators tools to enslave their helpless citizens.

Nations of sheep breed governments of  merciless wolves.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

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Love ! / Reassure.

Who loves you can read you like a book.

He sees your kindness and compassionate heart.

He sees your goodness even when you are angry.

He sees your affections when you are tough .

He feels your pain behind your laughter and smiles.

He forgives you when you are obstinate or wrong .

He who loves you never forsakes you or lets you down .

Jalal Michael sabbagh–

Promises ! / Dates .

The wise person controls his thoughts when he talks

The responsible person keeps his promises and dates.

The kind person cherishes everyone even strangers.

Never lets his relatives down neither his friends.

God bless those people who teach their children ,

How to behave, to have faith,to love and to respect.

These are the virtues our world these days needs.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh.

Let It Go ! / Free Yourself.

Let it go.
Free yourself.
giving up the addiction,
is freedom.
Giving up the attachment to the world .
Is freedom.
Giving up appearances ,
Is Freedom.
Gold and wealth are not Happiness,
Seeing the face of The Lord in the Poor,
Is the real happiness.
Free yourself.
Be your own master.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

My Son ! / Real Treasure .

My Beloved son ,l don’t have wealth to give you.

But l taught you everything life had taught me .

You Know how much l love you and your sister.

Remember Jesus loves you endlessly,more than me.

Love Each other Christ said .This what l give you.

The most precious treasures the world have.

You both turned to be fruitful like fruitful trees,

Keep giving and never stop giving.

Jalal Michael

Lesson From Dad XXXIII ! / Great Virtues .

My son,” do not blame the one who betray your trust.

Do not chase those who forsake you out of envy they are blind .

Do not fall for those who look like a charming moon at night.

Forgive them my son never let your heart to become a stone.

Weak mere humans deny the truth and hold to a magic wand .

My son , keep your secrets to yourself in your heart.

Do not feel sorry for the mistakes you have done .

Those who do will fall like leaves of the trees in fall.””

Jalal Michael