The Ultimate Love ! / Jesus .

Jesus , the greatest man who walked on the earth.

He did not have servents , yet they called him Master.

He never obtained a degree , yet they called him Teache.

He did not have medicine , yet they called him the Healer.

He never fought a war , yet with love he won the world.

He did not commit a crime , yet he was crucified .

He was buried in unmarked Tomb , yet he is alive forever.

Whoever follows Jesus will never walk in darkness.

He is the Truth , The Life . The Way and the resurrection.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh . Mysuccessisyoursuccess.




Giving ! / Great Virtue.

l hope people still believe in the magic of a smile.

With a smile a person can overcome sadness.

With patience a person can overcome worries .

With silence a person can overcome trials.

With kind words a person can gain new friends.

THe beauty of a person is not in what he possesses,

It is not in what he has accomplished or done.

The real beauty of a person is in what he gives ,

The others to Change their lives.

(( Wishing you a happy and blessed thanksgiving. ))

Jalal Michael Sabbagh

Lesson From Dad XXXIX ! / Destiny .

My dear son ,watch your thoughts,

Because they will become your words.

Watch our words because they will become your deeds.

Watch your deeds, because they will become your habits .

Watch your Habits because they will define your personality.

And watch your personality because it will decide your destiny.

Jalal Michael Sabbach,

Embrace Kindness ! / Vast Sea.

A kind heart is like a vast sea.

When it gives , it gives plentiful.

It never disapoints anyone who is in need.

Always compassionate always affectionate .

Always answeres whoever its help seeks.

It opens its arms to embarce the poor and the sick.

It has so many rooms to shelter whoever is lonely and forgoten.

(( How beautiful life can be when it embraces kindness.))

Jalal Michael Sbbagh .

French Philosopher ! / Worthiness.

The Brilliant french philosopher, scientist , Pascal Blaise (1623 – 1662 ).

Was asked bu a young man while he was in a Parisian cafe.”” why yoy are

Reading and old book, the bible?Read the books of Pascal Blaise .””

Pascal did not answered the young man and kept reading the Bible.

When the young man was about to leave the cafe ansked Pascal.”

What is your name if l may ?” l amd Pascal Blaise you are carrying his books.

You are reading the books l wrote .””

Pascal says about himself.” No Matter how old a person gets , how rich he is, how famous he is.

Eventually he will return to God. Without God there is no greatness or worthiness.””

Jalal Michael Sabbagh. Mysuccessisyoursuccess.

Fruitful ! / Keep Giving.

There are trees which keep giving delicious fruits.

Also there are trees which never yield .

These fruitless tress wither with time.

The kindhearted people never complain .

And keep giving their goodness, helping the needy.

Also there are those who never give anything yet,

They always complain about everthing, but about themselves.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh. Mysuccessisyoursuccess.