The Miracle Of Sight.

Lord l want to see , please hear my plea.

Not only to see, but to see spiritually .

Help me Master l want to understand ,

Lord have mercy on me on my humility.

The Blind man kept calling for the Lord .

The Master stopped and asked the blind ,

“what you want me to do for you ?”

My Lord open my eyes , l want too see.

Most of the time we nee to see things ,

Not only with our eyes, but with our hearts ,

Souls, minds, not to remain blind., and think we can see.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh .mysuccessisyoursuccess,

Love – Life – Light.

He is the way for those who are lost.

He is the Freedom to those are captive.

He is the safety for those who are afraid.

He is the unconditional love for everyone.

He is the light for those who are in darkness.

He is the healer for those who are injured.

He is the hope for the hopeless and the forgotten .

Seek him , he will give you eternal joy .

Jalal Michael Sabbagh.Mysuccessisyoursuccess.


Electrical Elevator ! / Success.

Remember my friend there is no electrical elevator for success.

You have to take one step at a time to climb the ladder of success.

Its wise to appreciate the people you meet and consider them like,

Pages in a very exceptional book .

You ought to stop at the interesting pages and ignore the other pages..

Remember this book is like a chariot it can take you anywhere you want.

To Achieve your goals and to make all your dreams come true.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh.Mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress,com

Life Is Beautiful.

The beauty of the childhood is its innocence .

The beauty of the night is in its calmness.

The beauty of an ocean is in its waves,

Most beautiful word in the world is “Peace.”

Most powerful language in the world is “Tears .”

The most admired language in the world is “Silence.”

Most beautiful love in the world is mother’s love.

But the eternal love is God’s love for the human race..

Jalal Michael Sabbagh.Mysuccessisyoursuccess.

Learning Is Living.

To live a comfortable and happy live .

Learn from the thinkers their pride and perseverance .

Learn from the poor and the ordinary people their hopes and dreams.

Learn from the old folks their patient and their wisdom .

Learn from the children their innocence and transparency .

Learn from those who are in love their compassion .

Learn from the birds their strong will and freedom .

And learn from the merciful ones their kindness and dedication.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh

Favorite Color ! Spring.

Most of us are like coloring pens.

Every color is unique and special.

l might not be your favorite color.

Probably you don’t appreciate ,

The colors of others too.

But l am sure one day ,

You will need few of us to complete,

The portrait of your life.

Our colors are unique like Nature’s colors in Spring.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh/

Unconditional Love .

In our present time ,there is more than one kind of love.

There is love by the mind . when you feel good with someone,

whom you understand ,but your heart does not beats for him,

And your soul does not long for him.

There is a relationship love , when you get used to someone .

You have many small things in common ,exchange thoughts and advises.

There is the love of the heart ,when your heart beats fast when ,

Hear his name , talk to him ,see his picture , miss him ,think about him,

Eager to see him and you feel pain when he is away for some time .

And there is the soul love which is unconditional . timeless , strong ,

Faithful and Embraces all other loves .

Love of soul captures , the mind the heart and the very existence of time.

Our life on this plant is but a journey .Happy are those whos being is

Touched by Love.

Jalal Michael

Reality Of Love.

Once a young lady asked a wise man .”

What is the reality of love .”‘

The wise man asked her to go to the ,

Garden and bring him the most beautiful flower.

The young lady went to the garden and came back,

To the wise man without the flower.

She said.” l found the most beautiful flower,

But l continued to look hoping to find much,

Prettier flower.Then l realized l ignored ,

The most beautiful flower.When l went back,

To get the flower it was gone.”

The wise man said .'” This is the reality of love,

You do not apprecite it when it is within your reach,

But you value its worthness when you miss your Chance.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh.Mysuccessisyoursuccess.

A Journey To Travel.

There are those who leave when they find your replacement.

Otheres leave to complete their lives without you .

Otheres leave when they find out there is no place ,

For them in your heart.

Others leave to go to a different world beside this temporary one.

All paths are open for traveling.Some Paths lead to hardship and sadness.

Other paths can lead you to happiness and content when you have dreams.

Jalal Michael