My Wishes.

l wish l was a bird singing near your window.

So you can her my voice saying good morning my love.

l wish l was a dove bringing you a beautiful letter.

Asking you to accept my heart’s prayer.

l wish l was a moon to light your sky .

To keep you company to make you laugh.

l wish l was a jar of perfume so you smell it every day.

Wishes do come true if they were sincere and true.

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Splendor Of Love.

l held my pen to write verses

About the splendor of love .

Why love is so essential and makes ,

Life so beautiful and enjoyable.

To tell you how precious you are ,

You make everything so wonderful.

Suddenly my pen stopped ,,,,, protesting.”

How do you want me to write about someone,

Who is so exceptional and kindhearted “?

When love touches your heart miracle can happen.

Your life will be transformed and you become anew.

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Words actually do not express hearts feelings ,

If not accompanied with deeds.

Can a tree grow without planting a seed ?

Can birds fly without having wings ?

Can babies without crying get what they need.

Living without authenticity is like a boat laying on the shore,

Waiting for the winds and the waves to proceed .

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Beauty of personality.

When the beauty of personality,

And the beauty of the heart emerge ,

Beautiful things happen.

There are those who beautify the place they visit,

With their presence and joyful smiles.

And there are those who drive people to leave,

When they attend a place .

They will do anything to draw attention to themselves.

To be the center of the conversation .

Wishing everyone of you a Merry Christmas and wonderful new year.,

During this beautiful season make something awesome ., someone happy.

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Am I the Rock And The Gate ?

Its great virtue when a person asks himself .””

Am l the rock , the solid foundation for them to be successful ?

Or am l the rock that makes them stumble and fall ?

Am l that rock that gives them support and encouragement ?

Or l am that rock which smashes their hopes and dreams ?

Am l the gate which leads them to achieve their ambitions ?

Or l am that gate which is shut in their faces ?

Happiness is to see people fulfill their goals.

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The Language of Soul .

l love you with sincere feelings ,

Because feelings are the language of the soul.

l love you with my silence ,

Because silence is the language of the minds.

l love you with whispers ,

Because whispers are the language of the hearts.

l love you with my smiles ,

Because smiles are the language of the lips.

l love you with calmness ,

Because Calmness is the language of the nights.

l Love you with my papers and pens ,

Because they are the language of love.

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We Write And Write.

We write and write and they read and read.

Some of them agree with what we write ,

And they feel as we feel.

Others travel with their imagination,

To a different world of their own .

Some might like the writer and appreciate,

His thoughts and agree with his opinions.

Othere might see themselves in the words they read.

Whatever we write could be a whisper, or a shout.

The beauty of writting is to reach people’s hearts,

Minds and make a little difference in their days.

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Your Unique Mark.

Every person has his own unique quality mark.

some people are known for their wisdom .

Others known for being truthful and patient.

There are those who are known for their love and kindness.

But beautiful manners and principals summend all good qualities.

Hold to your beautiful attitude and express your uniqueness.

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Exceptional People.

Some people enter your life and made it beautiful.

After their impact on you ,you no longer remember,

What life was like without them.

How beautiful life can be when love , kindness ,

And good deeds be the mission of everyone.

How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it .?

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Love And Tears.

When a woman cries for a man,

That means she loves him,

With all her heart and mind.

But if a man cries for a woman ,

That means there is no other man ,

On the face of the earth who loves her more than him.

The real pain is to see the one you love is in pain.,

And you can do nothing to help him .

Make sure you do not lose the heart,

That did so much to make you happy..

For there are people you can not replace ever.

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