Does Time Change People ?

Houses becoming larger and families becoming smaller.

Medical and science are advancing but health becoming worser .

We reached the space and landed on the moon, but we do not

Know who are our next door neighbors, The many do not call anymore.

Many people becoming millionaires ,and peace of min is lessening .

Technology and progress are keeping people occupied, The human feelings

, Kindness, compassion , mercy and forgiveness are shrinking fast today.

Our human values are becoming endangered species ,probably will disappear .

Most friendships becoming worthless , the many look only for their interests.

Homes used to be simple but hearts were of gold, today homes are of gold ,

But the hearts becoming like stones.

Wishing everyone of you dear friends a happy and glorious new year 2023.

Jalal Michael


My Grandmother Told Me !

Do not boast that you have a great job,

Infront of an unemployed person.

Do not talk about your money ,

Infront of a poor person.

Don’t talk about your excellent health ,

Infront of a sick person.

Don’t talk about your freedom ,

Infront of a prisoned person.

Before talking think about your words.

You might hurt peoples feelings.

Be careful so you won’t regret it later.

(( If Talking weighs with silver , silence weighs with gold ))

Jalal Michael

Self Respect !

Do not make anyone to care about you.

Do not impose yourself on people to ask about you.

The one who loves you will look for you ,

As if he is looking for a precious thing he has lost.

Caring about others is a virtue no one can act it or fabricate it.

So do not force people to give you attention and care about you.

You will be like the one who is watering a fake tree and expecting ,

The tree will give him fruits.

Jalal Michael

The Beauty Of Faith.

This unique and inspiring quote was said by the world ,

Well known Greek-Spanish painter and thinker El Greco 1541 -1600.

“” l said to the Almond tree, sister speak to me about God.””

And the almond tree Bloosomed .

A word fitly spoken is like an apple of gold in a picture os silver : Proverbs 25:11

Jalal Michael Sabbagh mysuccessisyoursuccess,