The Beauty Of The Mind.

A sane person is the one who knows .,

When to talk , where to talk and with whom to talk.

The beauty of the mind is in wisdom.

The beauty of the face is in a smile .

The beauty of talking is in silence .

The beauty of the heart is in love.

The beauty of the faith is in good deeds.

And all this beauty is in Christ Jesus.

How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it.

Jalal Michael


You Are Wonderful !

You are wonderful when you ignore who hurt you.

You are very kind when you stand beside a sad friend.

You are beautiful when you care for the poor and the lonely.

You are amazing when you smile through your pain .

Do not look for your worthiness in people’s eyes ,

Your worthiness is in your clear mind and conscience.

When you have a loving heart everyone will think highly of you.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh