Ambition And Dedication.

A person’s owns free will and choice can decide his ambition and dedication.

Both are essential for anyone who wants to soar, succeed and reach his goal.

We were given a free will at birth and we were given a healthy body.

Nowdays people corrupt their own bodies with addiction to substances,

And many other type of addictions and they end ruining their bodies.

God The Al loving gave us spare parts two eyes, eats, lunges , kindies , legs , hands,

To survice health Crisis or to help someone to have a second chance to live.

Most people take their bodies for granted and abuse themselves.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh /mysuccessisyoursuccess,


A Kiss ! Morning Breeze.

It is wise that a person should never blame,

The one who forgot him , he rather blame himself.,

For still thinking about who was one day a friend.

That friendship should never happened ,it was a mistake.

Like a dream that was lost between the eyelids of the time.

Like a kiss wondering between yearning lips.

Like a morning breeze that disappeared when it faced ,

The misty waters.

Some times things happen for your own good.

Jalal Michael