My Answers.

They asked me what can stop the pain ? l said patience .

They asked me what can help a failure ? l said repetition .

They asked me what can heal envy ? l said ignore the sources.

They asked me what can cure poverty ? l said to be content .

They asked me what can remedy weakness ? l said Faith.

They asked how to erase sins ? l said Pray .

“Lord have mercy on me a sinner.” And Christ the Lord will Answer .

Jalal Michael….


Pain Go Away.

Pain has no manners at all.

Pain does not knock on the door .

Pain comes in most awkward time.

Whoever he visits becomes victim instantly.

Pain persist with his misery without partiality.

He comes loaded with heavy weight ,

And he leaves by ounces and grams.

Often my friend words too can cause much pain,

Also words can make you celebrate with much joy.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh.Mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress

It Is Not Too Late.

She said be gentle with my heart.

l am a women who is over forty of age.

l been married twice , l have wasted years,

Searching for something l can not find.

Now l am alone , if you are for wagging,

Go look for young ladies there are many around.

What do you want from me , l have closed my heart.

l made up my mind no nostalgia , never mind.

My lady all l wanted is to see you smile.

It is all right if you are over forty of age.

l like you to forget the past and forget the pain.

Sir , l am talking to you a total stranger l met on the train.

My lady all l wanted is to see you happy , please ,

Accept my apology , l appreciate the time we had,

You missed the chance , good by.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh/