Beautiful Existence .

Who does not long for a world .

That is worries free and happy ?

A world that distance you from all troubles .

A world where dreams come true .

Where all people live in peace loving each other.

Where kindness and passion governs the hearts.

A world where freedom and justice reign actually .

If we can not build our Utopia ,we may try to

Build one within our families.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh/mysuccessis


My Wishes.

l wish l was a bird singing near your window.

So you can her my voice saying good morning my love.

l wish l was a dove bringing you a beautiful letter.

Asking you to accept my heart’s prayer.

l wish l was a moon to light your sky .

To keep you company to make you laugh.

l wish l was a jar of perfume so you smell it every day.

Wishes do come true if they were sincere and true.

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Jalal Michael Sabbagh/

Splendor Of Love.

l held my pen to write verses

About the splendor of love .

Why love is so essential and makes ,

Life so beautiful and enjoyable.

To tell you how precious you are ,

You make everything so wonderful.

Suddenly my pen stopped ,,,,, protesting.”

How do you want me to write about someone,

Who is so exceptional and kindhearted “?

When love touches your heart miracle can happen.

Your life will be transformed and you become anew.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh.Mysuccssisyoursuccess,com


Words actually do not express hearts feelings ,

If not accompanied with deeds.

Can a tree grow without planting a seed ?

Can birds fly without having wings ?

Can babies without crying get what they need.

Living without authenticity is like a boat laying on the shore,

Waiting for the winds and the waves to proceed .

Jalal Michael Sabbagh. Mysuccessisyoursuccess.