Beauty of personality.

When the beauty of personality,

And the beauty of the heart emerge ,

Beautiful things happen.

There are those who beautify the place they visit,

With their presence and joyful smiles.

And there are those who drive people to leave,

When they attend a place .

They will do anything to draw attention to themselves.

To be the center of the conversation .

Wishing everyone of you a Merry Christmas and wonderful new year.,

During this beautiful season make something awesome ., someone happy.

two children standing near cliff watching on ocean at daytime

Jalal Michael Sabbagh/Mysuccessisyoursuccess.


Am I the Rock And The Gate ?

Its great virtue when a person asks himself .””

Am l the rock , the solid foundation for them to be successful ?

Or am l the rock that makes them stumble and fall ?

Am l that rock that gives them support and encouragement ?

Or l am that rock which smashes their hopes and dreams ?

Am l the gate which leads them to achieve their ambitions ?

Or l am that gate which is shut in their faces ?

Happiness is to see people fulfill their goals.

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Jalal Michael Sabbagh/mysuccessisyoursuccess.