The Language of Soul .

l love you with sincere feelings ,

Because feelings are the language of the soul.

l love you with my silence ,

Because silence is the language of the minds.

l love you with whispers ,

Because whispers are the language of the hearts.

l love you with my smiles ,

Because smiles are the language of the lips.

l love you with calmness ,

Because Calmness is the language of the nights.

l Love you with my papers and pens ,

Because they are the language of love.

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We Write And Write.

We write and write and they read and read.

Some of them agree with what we write ,

And they feel as we feel.

Others travel with their imagination,

To a different world of their own .

Some might like the writer and appreciate,

His thoughts and agree with his opinions.

Othere might see themselves in the words they read.

Whatever we write could be a whisper, or a shout.

The beauty of writting is to reach people’s hearts,

Minds and make a little difference in their days.

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Your Unique Mark.

Every person has his own unique quality mark.

some people are known for their wisdom .

Others known for being truthful and patient.

There are those who are known for their love and kindness.

But beautiful manners and principals summend all good qualities.

Hold to your beautiful attitude and express your uniqueness.

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Exceptional People.

Some people enter your life and made it beautiful.

After their impact on you ,you no longer remember,

What life was like without them.

How beautiful life can be when love , kindness ,

And good deeds be the mission of everyone.

How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it .?

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