Love And Tears.

When a woman cries for a man,

That means she loves him,

With all her heart and mind.

But if a man cries for a woman ,

That means there is no other man ,

On the face of the earth who loves her more than him.

The real pain is to see the one you love is in pain.,

And you can do nothing to help him .

Make sure you do not lose the heart,

That did so much to make you happy..

For there are people you can not replace ever.

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Jalal Michael Sabbagh./Mysuccessisyoursuccess.


The One Who Cares.

Give your love to the one who cares about your happiness.

Give your friendship to the one who keeps your secret .

Give your time to the one who puts you ahead of the others.

Give your back to the one who ignores you.

Give your strength to the one who who seeks your weakness.

And Give Your Heart To The One Who Can Not Live Without You..

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