Love And Peace ! / Harmony.

Where ever there is love ,there is peace.

Without love peace can’t survive  or exist.

All efforts for reconciliation cease.

Peace , definitely we can’t define .

Withoust honest intentions peace can’t reign .

Without love peace have no drive or spine.

When did we live in peace my friend ?

Promises which are broken Can’t be mend .

The many are deforming morals and values.

Pushing God and goodness to rear end.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-


What is Your Aim ? /Renaissance .

The genius Renaissance painter Michelangelo who painted the Sistine Chapel.

in The Vatican in 1535.,Was a great thinker too.

When he was asked: what is wrong with the people who never discovered themselves ?

He said.”The greatest danger for most of us ,is not that our Aim is too high.,

And we miss it.Rather that it is too low and we can reach it.”””

It seems that the modern life style and the technology age,make many people

In dire need for a new Renaissance to wake them up.

Jalal MIchael Sabbagh-

THe Love Of My Live ! / Hilda My Life Partner.

You filled my life with sweet love .

l present my life to you ,my heart ,

My mind everything l have is you .

Your looks , your gazes your voice,

Your whispers fill my world with,

Flowers Roses happiness , charm too.

Happiness is to be with you.

You are my life wish became true.

l still see you as l saw you for the first time many years ago.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

Holy Land trip

With Almaz the Sister l Never though l had.

Hilda with A lady pilgrim we met in Jerusalem.

Our meals in Noter Dam Hotel In Jerusalem.

HIldaa at our room in the Hotel In Tabarious.

THe palestinians shops with Arabic Signs.

Technology shops in Bet Lahem.


Lazarus Tomb when Jesus give him his life back.Raised Lazarus from the death.

Small Church In Bet lehem.



THe TRansfiguration Church.


Priests and monks from Italy.

This is Rajaii the Guid who accompanied us through the journey.


Romanian wall In Jerusalem.

Next to every Church Muslims build a mosque.

Nativity Church.

Last Supper sight.

A Mass In Cana where we renewed our 50th wedding vows.Beautiful sermon. .

Jews settlement , the Israeli side in Jerusalem.

Nativity Church from the outside.


Virgin Mary the Mother of God at the Nativity Church.

Inside the nativity Church.


The garden of olive  where Jesus prayed the nigh he was arrested On thursday before Good friday when he was crucified..

2000 year plus olive trees where Jesus Prayed and  sweat   blood.Garden of Gethsemaneis were Jesus prayed before he was arrested .He said God your will be done not mine..


THe resurrection Tomb.At the Church of resurrection .

Resurrection Church.In Jerusalem.4/25/2018

At the Getsemani where jesus prayed before they arrested him.

Garden of Olive.

Resurrection Church.

Resurrection Church from the outside,.

Resurrection Church.

Hilada and l On the Roman city in Jerusalem.

We climbed over 2000 steps  during the journey .we were tired., sweet time.


Our trip companions.

At the Garden of olive , where Jesus Prayed.

THe golden doom Mosque in Jerusalem where Muslim build their mosque on the Jewish Temple .Muslims put and end to the Pass over Jewish celebration..Wailing wall sight., Jerusalem.Muslims forcefully build their mosque.close to the Resurrection Church.

OLd Jerusalem.

THe Priest who was with us during the trip Jerald from Australia explaining the destruction of the jewish temple in 70 A.D .


THere is signs like this im tens of languages at the Nativity Church .

There are 4 gates for Jerusalem  walls  Jerusalem , The Jewish gate  , the Christians , gate , Armenian gate and Muslims Gate.

At the dead see .

Jordan River where Jesus was Baptized.

Taking a time out .

Ancient Roman City In Jerusalem.

Station of the Cross # 9 .

Israeli Police in Jerusalem.

Israeli security in every corner.

Nativity Church.

Nativity Church.

Nativity Church.

Nativity Church.

Nativity Church.

Golgatha where Jesus was Crucified .


The REsurrection Church.

The group we traveled with

Hilda and l inside the Resurrection Church.

The resurrection Church.

In Cana where Jesus turned the water to Wine.

THe Cana mass where we renewed our wedding vows.

Part of the group.

THe most amazing trip of life time Experience , we walked where Jesus Christ walked, was born , saw his passion , resurrection Church.Where preached on the Mountain ., Where he ate fish with his disciples   where he was baptized By John the Baptist.Hilda and l witnessed 2000 Year History of Christianity and THe path To salvation Through the Lord Jesus Christ.WE Renewed our Wedding Vows in Cana where Jesus Turned the Water to Wine at Cana Wedding.WE Celebrated Our 50th wedding Anniversary in THe Holy Land. God Bless you and we Prayed for everyone.For Love , For Peace and for One human Family regardless of race, gender and greed.
Jalal & Hilda Sabbagh