L .T .B . L . ! / The Movie.

Let there be light to over shadow world’s darkness.

The movie is shown in movie theaters nation wide.

Love always defeats the bitterness of hate .

The movie is centered about an egoistic atheist .

Who is leading a vicious movement to defy God.

The atheist experiences a death and life event.

He realize that Christ is the true reality and life.

People ought to unite against the danger of ,

destructive ideologies which seek to deprive them ,

Their freedom . principals and their very humanity.

(( It is a great experience to  go see the movie ))

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-http:://mysuccessisyursuccess.wordpress.com

The American Soldiers ! /Guardians Of Our Freedom ! / I Am A Proud American.

The brave American service men and women fought many vicious wars.

Their heroism in WWI and WWII gave hope, life and freedom to those,

Countries they liberated.They feed the hungry,healed the injured ,

Defended the weak and gave new start for the hopeless.

Without their Sacrifices our present world would be ruled by ruthless,

Terrorists, Fascists, communists . The American service men and women ,

Deserve our deepest gratitude and gratefulness.the many gave the

Ultimate sacrifice so we can live free.We ought not to forget our

Wounded heroes and heroines.May the Lord Bless them and the Patriots who love America.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-http://mysucessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com

Life’s Challenge !/ Authenticity .

The greatest challenge life taught me.,

That its not about power, fame, wealth ,

Stature , college degrees and who many friend.

Rather ,life is about being humble,truthful ,

Genuine ,caring ,kind , loving and compassionate.

accepting our weakness,our limitation is a real virtue.

Standing for what is right,fair and just for all.

We are, But guests on the face of the earth.

Today we are here tomorrow we could be gone.

Lesson From Dad XXIV ! / Healing.

MY son,not every friend you make .

Can bring you happiness or change your path.

Not every friend who leaves you can make sad.

Not everything you wish to have be good for you.

Look , a Knife is so smooth at the edge yet it ,

Cuts , it wounds and it makes you bleed with pain.

The Medicine you take, despite it’s bitterness,

It heals , you gain your precious health back.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh=https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com