The Greatest Power ! / Motivation .

There is no greater power beside prayer ,

Than the power of wanting to be someone.

There is no greater Love than to sacrifice ,

Oneself to save those who are in dire need.

There is no greater joy than putting a smile ,

On the face of a child , the aged and  the Sad.

There is no greater richness than being satisfied,

There is no greater faith than believing in God .

Never stop trying to be the best version of yourself.

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l Wish l Have A Million Heart ! / Harmony Song.

l wish l have a million heart .

To love every living soul.

l wish on their beats l can sing,

A magical song to touch every heart.

To fill them with affection’s loving care.

l wish l can wipe the sorrow and the tear,

Of those who are mourning someone dear.

l wish l can help the injured to heal.

l wish l have a magical portion to end ,

Despair,to change sadness to hope and joy.

To fulfill the dream of everyone far and near.

l wish l have a remedy to cure the depresses,

The ill , to free the oppressed and the captive.

l wish l can convince people that goodness is alive and real.

That we are but pilgrims,the traveling never stand still.

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The Beginning Of The End! / Life.

We came to be from life Particles .

Which can not be seen by human eye.

God the Infinite created us from dust.

Our Most precious clothes are from a Worm.

Our most delicate food comes from a Bee .

The many live in denial , knowing not,

Why they became to be on this plant.

Knowing not what passion is or how to be kind.

How it feels to live in peace and harmony.

We are all poor ,we are equal have one destiny.

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Amazing Qualities ! / Childhood .

The most amazing thing about humans .

They get bored of their sweet childhood.

They want to grow up fast within days.

When they do, they wish they remained kids.

Most of us waste their lives accumulating wealth.

Forsaking their health, families and their friends.

Then at their old age ,they spend their wealth.

To gain their health back,but what are the chances?

They ignore the present worrying about the future.

Ultimately they don’t live their present neither ,

The future for it they worked so hard and got lost.

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