Love ! / The Eye. (Post # 880)

Once a wise man was asked .

“”When love begins and when it ends ?”

The wise man took a long breath and said.”

My dear, love begins with a look from the eye.”

What do you men wise one .?

” l mean ,love begins with the eye to captures the heart.

And Love ends with a tear from the eye.”

Our eyes are the widows to reflect what we feel.

(( My heartily gratitude to those who follow and

Those who visit my humble blog.)) Jalal Michael Sabbagh.


Lesson From Dad # XVIII ! / Ladder.

Remember my son ,there is no electrical elevator

For success you have to take the regular ladder .

Step by step you can clime higher and higher .

Its wise to consider the people you meet ,

As pages of a great book,you read the interesting

Ones and ignore the others ,where there is discontent,

Selfishness, resentment , hesitation and faithlessness .

Remember my son, you will always be in my soul.

Every beat of my heart always your name repeats.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

Woman’s Uniqueness ! / Tears .

When God created woman,

He gave hear strong shoulders

To carry the heavy weights of life.

God gave her gentle and kind arms .

To comforts those whom she embraces .

God gave her unique strength to,

Tolerate the pains of giving birth.

God gave the woman patience to handle,

The problems her family could face .

God Gave the woman tender heart.

To love her children unconditionally .

Then God gave the woman the ability ,

To shed the tears when she faces life’s trials.

Million thanks for the women in our lives.

People To Admire ! / Smile.

Most wonderful people in life ,

Are those who appreciate what you do,

For them ,even just little things.

Most achievers in our world are those,

Who face failure with open mind and a smile.

Most brave people in the world are those ,

Who never surrender to circumstances .

The happiest people in the world are those,

Who renew their dream , vows and dreams .

Yet there are those who wish life is a story,

Written with a pencil so they can erase ,

Whatever bothers them from the past.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-