Christmas in New York ! / The Amazing Tour.

New York at the the 47th. street.Manhattan the city that never sleeps.

It was our first visit to New York and we hope it won’t be the last.

The diversity in New York is incredible .Visitors come from all over ,

The world.172 languages are spoken.Waves of people on the streets Day and night.

A visitor can hear different languages in endless , restaurants and shops.

We took 2 1/2 hour boat tour around the five Burrows,The Bronx,Brooklyn, Manhattan,

Staten Island and Queens.Also we took a 5 hours bus tour through out Manhattan .

We had the opportunity to see the Rockettes live Christmas show., and dine in Trump’s tour.

The security around the Trump tour is unimaginable .

People are racing against time to reach where they want to be.,as if there is no tomorrow.

My wife and l stayed in Edison hotel on the corner of 47th. street and Time square .

Where the new year Eve festivity takes place and the huge ball drops down at midnight.

A week in New York felt like a dream .There is an event every minute .Street entertainers.

Musicians, clowns, Human statues with gold and silver costumes ,super heroes and Disney Characters .

People pay them to take their pictures.Thousands of authentic Europeans , Asian, Middle Eastern Restaurants.

Splurge , is the name of the game in New York for travelers and the visitors.A person can spend as much he wants.

There is also the other side of new York. The sad and tragic one.,poverty and homelessness.The cold weather ,the poor and the wealthiest city in the world meet . Luxury is the trade mark of every department store in the trade centers.

`We concluded our visit to New York at ground Zero.We visited the National September 11 memorials and Museum, the freedom Tour.Tears came to our eyes reading the names of the victims .We saw the human tragedy and heroism , the ultimate sacrifices of our brave police and fire fighters.

Before we headed to the Airport we stopped at St. Patrick’s Cathedral .WE prayed for peace and for love to reign in every heart.Merry Christmas and joyous new year.

(( you can see the pictures in the previous post.Cheers))

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-


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