Exuberant ! / Substance.

Most attractive thing in life is to be yourself.

Attraction is demonstrated by those who follow the light.

Those who promote valuable substances for richer life.

Attraction is manifested in those who uphold the truth.

Who dedicate themselves to serve everyone without partiality.

Everyday we see the admirable sacrifices and unselfishness .

Those who volunteer in our midst in hospitals, churches shelters.

They help the weak , the needy ,comfort the lonely aid the sick.

these are the real attractions,not the premise of the modern ,

Unauthentic culture of conscienceless morals and falsehood.

Jala Michael Sabbagh-http://mysuccessisyoursuccess/wordprress.com

New Existence ! / A Dream .

My dream is to see the end of ,

Inequality,injustice and partiality.

the Many are nowadays blindly advocating.

The many are unconditionally embracing.

My dream is to see a new existence of ,

Roses, lilies , gardenias and carnations.

Where love reigns the hearts and souls.

Meadows of kindness, fields of compassion.

Paths of equality justice for all people,

Regardless of their wealth stature or poverty.

Magical rivers to water everyone with tolerance .

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-http://mysuccessisyoursuccess.worddpress.com

Impossible ! / Possible.

My friend , don’t try to do the impossible ,

For those who did not do the possible for you.

Don’t ever cry for those who don’t deserve ,

Your affection or a drop of your tears.

Neither those who never showed you they care.

Those who injured your pride and gave despair.

Listen my friend ,those who love you will never ,

Let you down , never let you shed a tear.

They always beside you when you needs them near.

A relation without mutual trust and respect ,

Is destined ,sooner or later to cease and disappear .

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com

Butterflies ! / Precious Beauty.

Butterflies don’t know how beautiful,

And Majestic their wings colors are .

But our eyes appreciate their wonders.

Birds can fly  , even touch   the skies,

But then they have to come down.

the Captive know how precious to be free.

Honeybees so dedicated to give us their honey.

Can people  understand creations mystery ?

forests can start by planning just single seed.

There are those who don’t know how wonderful

They are,but people do,for having them in their lives.

Jalal Micheal Sabbagh- h ttp://mysuccessisyourssuccess.wordpress.com

Lesson From Dad XVII ! / Compassion ! / Devotion.

To live a happy and comfortable life .

Learn from the achievers their pride and perseverance.

Learn from the poor ,their dreams and hopes .

Learn from older people , their patience and wisdom.

Learn from the children the innocence of heart.

Learn from those who are in love their compassion.

Learn from the birds ,their love for freedom .

Learn from the merciful people their devotion .

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com

Remarkable Fact ! / Cure.

There are those who can be forgotten ,

once they are out of sight .

Despite the years for knowing them.

And there are those who you meet ,

For five minutes you can never forget.

Not everything a person likes can make him happy.

And not everything he dislike can make him sad .

A knife is so smooth yet it cuts.

A medicine mostly bitter yet it cures the sick.


J  . M  .Sabbagh-https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com

The Gap ! / Do We Have One ?

This present modern age is full of gaps.

There is one fact the many try to forget .

Everyone has a gap in his life , wants to hide.

There is a dire need to acknowledge this gap.

To be truthful with others and with oneself.

Avoiding dreams , neglecting family and friends.

Is a gap, having an uncontrollable addiction is a gap.

As long a person denies this fact he can’t mend the gap.

He will never be able to guide his life to the bright side.

J.M. Sabbagh-https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com

The Right One ! / Irreplaceable .

To the one who is searching for that special one.

To understand him to love ,trust and cherish.

A person who abides by his humanity to the fullest .

A person to be truthful ,sincere not to replace you.

As to replace his belongings ,his cologne or outfits.

A person who would sacrifice everything for your sake.

He who will do all he can to please you to be happy.

A person who accepts you ,your mistakes and flaws.

Who appreciates your feelings dreams and thoughts.

A person to be at your side when you really need him

A person to wipe the tears off your checks .

Treats you like a precious treasure,loving you to the end.

J.M. Sabbagh-http://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wwordpress.com