A Prophet ! / Intermediary .

When a man is called by a divine power to be a prophet.

He becomes filled with incomprehensible purity and holiness.

He is the intermediary between the creator and the human race.

He is no more about earthly pleasures or desires cares.

He is filled with spiritual happiness completely content.

He is called to warn people of their deeds ,to save the soul.

A prophet presage goodness , faithfulness and piety weight.

A prophet promises healing ,not pain and regrets.

A prophet humbly asks the people to change and repent.

A prophet does not promote division and blood shed .

A prophet calls the people to be alive not dead.

A prophet promises  hope ,not damnation and dread .

(( Christ said.” Many prophet will appear after me do not,

Follow them they will lead you astray.”

J.M. Sbbagh-https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com ))



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