The Most Powerful Language ! / Tears Never lies.

Is there more powerful language than the language of tears?

A baby cries to get attention ,to obtain all that he needs.

How painful is it to see a tear on older person’s cheek ?

What a powerful language, when a woman shows her real feeling .

Nobody can resist a child’s wish ,when he cries for his demands.

We cry when we say wordless good-by ,our tears speaks not our mouths.

Tears express million of thoughts,and all the feeling human can spare.

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Creative Composition ! / Originality.

When l teach Arabic Language ,l ask the students to practice in the class.

Because l know what they will write in the class its theirs ,no outside help.

This method taught me to recognize most students writing ability and style .

Picture them talking when l read their papers and their names.

The Student express their amazement once they discover their own ability ;

To reflect their own thoughts ,specially when the words contain their feelings.

(( When a person trusts himself all closed doors become wide open.

J.M. Sabbagh- ))

Persons Of Possibility ! / Dependable .

There are those among us ,who people want,

them to be on their team and in their lives.

Everyone loves those who make things happen .

Problem solved , mission accomplished .

You ask these persons to take care of a matter.

You don’t have to think about it any more.

You need not to think whether the job will be done.

No matter how difficult the task is,it will be achieved.

These individuals are of real possibility and real help.

And there are those who make million excuses to turn you down.

They don’t want to get involved .This kind of pessimism ,

And attitude had hurt the many.,failed dreams and ruined  hopes.

Those who will do everything in their power to help ,

Those who are in dire need for aid .Keep this world

turning around and the sun shining in  people’s  lives.


Portrait ! / Fate ! / Departure .

There are those who depart when you need them the most.

There are those who depart when they obtain their wants.

There are those who depart once they find someone else.

There are those who leave to seek  without you a new life.

There are those who leave when they find out they have ,

No place for them in your mind and in your heart.

Departure is painful and agonizing ,when time comes .

It is the fate of every one in this world alive.

Try not anyone’s happiness,dreams or pride to deprive.

We ought to think about our own final departure ,

And the only portrait we are going to leave behind.

J.M.Sabbagh -

My Princess ! / Morning Breeze.

My princess , my sweet morning breeze.

You delight my days with your presence.

Your tender words sweeten even my morning drinks.

You are as beautiful as the flowers of green fields.

As beautiful as the moon at nights in June.

Your scent more enchanting than Parisian perfumes.

Your smiles overshadows all blissful events .

Loving you is more precious than all ,

The Treasures this earth contains.

J.M.Sabbagh –


The Book Of ” Sirach ” ! / The Author : “Sirach.” /(changes your life)

The book of Sirach contains the wisdom to live by.

He was a sage who lived in Jerusalem between 175-200 B.C.

The book was written in Hebrew and was translated to English.

The book of Sirach is the 29th. book of the old Testament .

“”Reading this book Rejuvenates the reader’s  heart, mind and life ,

.Reconstructs his thinking to value and appreciate being alive.””

1) All wisdom comes from the Lord and with him it remains forever.

2) Wisdom’s treasures is the paragon of prudence.

3) Be swift to hear , but slow to answer.

4) A wise magistrate lends stability to his people .

5) The sign of good heart is a cheerful countenance .

6) A fall to the ground is less sudden than a slip of the tongue.

7) Happy the husband of a good wife,twice lengthened are his days.

8) A word is the source of every deed,a thought of every act.

9) Hold the physician in honor for he is essential to you.

10) Birds nest with their own kind , and fidelity comes,
To those who live by it.

11) He who betrays a secret cannot be trusted,
He will never find an intimate friend.

12) He who educate his children ,they will become his delight.

J.M. Sabbagh-

(( The fear of God is the Crown of wisdom .

This book is a certain foundation for a happy  existence.))

Brighten The Dark Side ! / Love yourself.( Post # 835 )

When a person can’t see the ,

Bright side of his life.

He should strive to polish ,

The dark side where he is hiding ,

his potentials ,his dreams and self.

When a person loves himself will,

Discover the tremendous power of love.

Despair becomes blooming flowers and hope.

The impossible becomes easy to overcome and obtain.

J. M. Sabbagh-

A Prophet ! / Intermediary .

When a man is called by a divine power to be a prophet.

He becomes filled with incomprehensible purity and holiness.

He is the intermediary between the creator and the human race.

He is no more about earthly pleasures or desires cares.

He is filled with spiritual happiness completely content.

He is called to warn people of their deeds ,to save the soul.

A prophet presage goodness , faithfulness and piety weight.

A prophet promises healing ,not pain and regrets.

A prophet humbly asks the people to change and repent.

A prophet does not promote division and blood shed .

A prophet calls the people to be alive not dead.

A prophet promises  hope ,not damnation and dread .

(( Christ said.” Many prophet will appear after me do not,

Follow them they will lead you astray.”

J.M. Sbbagh- ))



The Book . ” The Four Loves. “/ The Author.”C.S.Lewis.” (1898-1963)

“” True humility is not thinking less of yourself ,

It is thinking of yourself less. “”

C.S. Lewis published his book the four loves in 1961,

Two years prior to his death.

God’s love , Mother’s love , Father’s love ,

And the love of a total stranger unconditionally is ,

Reflected by God’s generosity to give love ,the ability

To conquer all negative feelings and emotions .

God’s love for humanity is the core of Christian faith.

A person needs to love first , to be loved .

To love is like giving water to a thirsty person in a desert.

When a human understands what love is ,

He is transformed into a new creation .

A manifestation , to see life like a blooming

spring all the time without cessation .

(( Humbleness is not Humiliation as the many  might think ,

Humbleness is the greatest virtue ,mentally and spiritually .

J.M.Sabbagh- ))