Words From The Depth ! / Care Free.

Everyone of us , have his own worries and problems.

There could be a difference between one and the other.

There are those who’s worries are so hard to withstand .

Despite the trials, the sadness , the sorrows in their eyes ,

The strange thing ,l see smiles on their faces so bright .

A man could swear ,they are happy ,content and care free.

How can they do it , carrying that heavy load in silence ?

Can we learn from them ,to smile despite the agony of pain?

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com




The W o m a n ! / Who Is She ?

The Islamic belief insists that women are created by Allah,

Less  intelligent than their male counterparts .

1.5 billion Muslims in the world believe this.My Belief defies them.

A Woman  !  Tell them , she is a Soul and loving being Not just a body.

A Woman  ! Tell them , She is Mercy  and affection  , Not a weakness.

A Woman  ! Tell them , She is knowledge , raising generations , Not illiterate.

A Woman  ! Tell them , She is Half of the society , Not a deficient  .

A  Woman is my kind  Mother who raised me to know the true  God.

((   Islam consider women are deficient in reason and religion.

This inhuman ideology  is constituted in every Muslim Country’s constitution . ))

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com


The Inevitable ! / Acceptance .

Is there really a desirable or perfect place to live in ?

There will always be a wish that things were different.

Whether its the country , the city ,the work place ,

The neighborhood , a relation or even the family.

Its beyond a person’s comprehension and power.

The most logic thing to do in such situation ,is to

Accept the inevitable and adjust to it .

So a person can live in peace and sustain his sanity.

(( My sincere gratitude for the 3660 followers of my blog

and to everyone who visits the blog.))

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com


The Rich Young Man ! / ( Mark 10: 21 ) Seeking True Life .

The young man sought Jesus .

He wanted to live a clean life .

To inherit the everlasting life.

Jesus told him.” to obtain your wish.

” Go sell your possessions and give ,

The money to the poor and to the widows,

Then come and follow me.”

If Jesus ask us to do this today,

Would we do it ? Could the multi millionaires ,

Today give up their wealth and answer Jesus ?

When the young rich man heard what Jesus said,

His face fell and he rushed away ,for he had a great wealth.

Can anyone give up his greed,pleasure ,envy and selfishness?

To live a clean life ,to win the eternal promise of Jesus ?

Today our world is being dominated by people who seek power.

To Control the weak and the poor.Their main purpose is to be in charge.

Even to decide the destiny of the others.This makes the many refuse ,

The reality of Jesus.The way to eternal happiness.

((Happy are those who have their hearts on fire . Because Jesus is perfect ,

leader , who will lead those who follow him to the new existence. Jalal

Michael Sabbagh-h:ttp//mysuccessisyousuccess.wordpress.com ))


Dreams ! / Sandy Shores ! / Pearls And Tears .

Its sad when a person fails to achieve his dream.

Because he hesitate  to pursue it  with  intent.

It feels like a train rushing with extreme speed.

Never stops to refuel or to take a rest.

To let passenger say farewell , welcome friends.

It feels like sands laying on the shores ,never change.

It feels like the waves refuse , that sand to embrace.

It feels like tears ,shed to wash the agonizing past .

Even the memories  refuse to be brought back .

Dreams which weren’t fulfilled are pearls never complete .

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-http://mysuccessissyoursuccess.wordpress.com







E t e r n i t y ! / My Birthday August 6th.

l saw eternity as a huge ball of brightness .

l see eternity in loving eyes.

l see eternity in compassionate hearts .

l see eternity  in children’ smiles .

l see eternity in kind souls .

l see eternity in those who heals.

l see eternity in merciful people .

l see eternity in peace makers .

l see eternity in those who give hope to  others.

Thank you heartily for your beautiful wishes on my birthday.

“l was born on August 6th.   My mom gave me the name “Jalal”

Because l was born on the ” Transfiguration Feast  “of the Lord .

May God bless you and grant you happiness and good life.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com


Potentials ! / Reason And Logic.

There are those who are trying to live up to their potentials .

And there are those who only want the easy way out.

Today amid the complexities of the modern life .

Most people feel that they need to leave the basic values ,

Principals , logic , and spirituality outside their lives .

They side with the necessity of making a living at any cost.

No Matter whom they hurt,cheat, deceit or plain sell out.

Today the world which we live in ,trying to separate reason and logic.

The many think they need to accommodate  the progressive age ,

Of technology ,internet and conscienceless is acceptable.

They forget that this approach will devastate the family unity.

Which is the corner stone of successful and  prosperous society .

This approach will leave the door wide open to create chaos .

Which leads people astray,knowing not which path to

Jalal Michael Sabbagh -https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com