Assassination Of The Mind ! / Poverty.

In third world countries , education is absent usually.

This is the reason for their suffering economy and poverty.

Hunger for food and shelter deepens their devastating illiteracy.

Schools are for the elites  and exclusively for the wealthy.

Poor little boys and girls must work to help their family.

Books are sold on the corners  of  unpaved streets.

Covered with dust and  unpleasant smell filled.

Books are pilled next to  modern shoes stores.

Shoes are sold in an air conditioned  shops  ,

Displayed on clean shelves next to elegant outfits.

The owners dust  every pair  every day carefully.

Nobody afford to buy a book ,nobody care in reality.

( In memory of those books which wait to be bought.)

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-



April’s Star ! / Morning.

My happiness is when l see your beauty in the morning.

My princess who with love crowned my life.

The splendor of your smiles is like April’s star.

Charming like the  pearls of the shores.

Happiness is to see the beauty of the  dawn .

The Miracle of the rising sun.

When we embrace each other.

The feelings forever being two in one.

Jalal Michael