Climate Change ! / Jihadism.

“””” Lack Of Intelligence Is The Greatest Poverty”””


Today,the American secretary of state Mr.John Kerry who is in Canada,

with other Western politicians discussing the effect of climate change .

Mr.  Kerry said ,Air Conditions are killing more people than  ISIS.

Air Conditions had saved millions of certain death from heat waves since,

The early 20th. century.ISIS since 2014 have killed thousands of people.


“”The incompetent politicians claim that climate change hurts the Agricultural

Crops which leads to hunger and poverty which encourages the young

people in poor countries to join the Islamic Terrorism and ISIS.”””


This is absurd ,these young Muslims join terrorism  and  Jihadism  because its one of

Islam’s teaching. Jihadism is a duty of every Muslim believes in the Islamic book THE KORAN.

Jihadists use intimidation and terror to subdue people to surrender to Islam.

Jihadism’s   mission  Is to eradicate the non Muslims and conquer the world.

Climate Change did not kill people in Paris, San Bernardino ,Dhaka , Florida,Istanbul ,today in Germany 2 terrorist attacks.Climate Change does not recruit  suicide bombers .

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-





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