Sanity ! / Cessation .

Where ever there is love there is peace.

Where ever there is no love there is no peace.

All efforts for reconciliation definitely cease.

In our human terms everything is based on yours and mine.

Peace is absolutely something  people failed to define.

When did the world witnessed sanity reign ?

Without honest intentions ,solution won’t have a spine.

Time and time again ,many tried to plant the seed.

But the others plucked it out out of blind greed.

The ones who are supposed to lead badly failed.

When did we ever lived in peace my friend ?

Promises which are broken can not be mend .

They are deforming our believes ,our values,

They are pushing  the creator of love to the rear end.

(( Are we willing to change or , more of the same thing ?

Jalal Michael Sabbagh - ))

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