Europe Is Declining ! / Bankrupt Economy.

The European population is dramatically  declining  while the Islamic,

Population is multiplying very rapidly annually .within the next 2 decades ,

The Muslim population will become the majority in more than one European country.

Churches , castles and museums will be converted to mosques and Islamic schools.

In the 7th.century at the peak of the Islamic invasions ,Muslims conquered east,

Of India, China and Spain beside the Middle-Eastern countries and the Arab world.

Today Muslims are invading Europe with immigrants and refugees.

They receive welfare and work for cash.Recent terrorist attacks were carried out,

By home grown terrorists.,yet Europe is welcoming more refugees from the Islamic countries.Today 6/24/2016 Britain leaves the European Union.

( Example : Belgium’s population 3 million 20% are Muslims=600.000 ))

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-


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