Ingenuity ! / Reflections.

Creativity of the people reflects the culture of their nation.

when five Chines get together they project a wise quote.

When five Japanese get together they invent a new device .

When five American get together they build  a new enterprise.

When Five French get together they write a book.

When five Austrian get together they compose a symphony.

But ,when five Arab get together they form five sects.

They constitute five sets of  rules.Each one of them ,

Declares himself to be the supreme leader.

Soon they oppose each other and become enemies.

They start an  arm race and fight each other to the end.

(( Arab and Muslim countries don’t want to live a happy peaceful life.

Sunni Muslims been Killing Shia’t Muslims,and Shia’t Muslims been Killing

Sunni Muslims for the last 1400 years.Islamic ideology hates love,peace and freedom.))

Jalal Michael sabbagh -


Beloved America First ! / Land Of Freedom.

Despite the differences between democrats and republican .

Despite that they disagree most of the times about many issues.

There is a bipartisan agreement .Both republican and democrats,

Want America to be the supreme military power in the world,

To maintain world’s stability.

Both democrats and republican politicians agree that we have,

Strong economy,  job market,excellent education and keep the,

American dream reality for all generations.No racism and no division.

Hoping this presidential election will unite the Americans for greater Future.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

The Skies Of Your Soul ! / Being Whole.

l will sail to the depth of your eyes.

To see the depth of your passion for me.

l will soar to the skies of your soul.

To breath the love that possess me.

l will travel to the depth of your heart .

To see the throne which you prepared for me.

l love you because you are half of my soul.

l love you because you are half of my mind.

l love you because you are the half that makes me whole.

Jalal Michael

Nations ! / Humans ! / Butterfly.

As nations we are very diverse and different.

Every nation has it’s own unique culture,history,

Traditions teachings  and believes.

But as humans we are alike regardless,

of gender ,creed,race,color or stature.

We arrive to this world to plant the image,

We want to leave behind us as we depart.

Its up to the person to decide whether ,

This image is carved  on the sand or the rocks of the shore.

((  It is a beautiful transformation when the butterfly

Emerges from the cocoon. Jalal Michael Sabbagh. ))

Lesson From Dad XIV ! / Authenticity .

Once l asked my Dad .”Who do you think is a good person ? ”

“” A good person  is the one who listen to you when you talk .

Is the one if he tempted he thinks before he reacts .

Is the one if angered, never shout ,yell or lose his temper.

Is the one when he gives , gives willingly and  generously .

Is the one when he succeed he never show off or boast.

Is the one when he is needed he never  E v a d e s . “”

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-