Tragic Match ! / Final Defeat ! / Socialism..

Capitalism has defeated socialism and communism,

Throughout the ages of history.A lonely socialist Mr.B. Sanders.

Insisting ,that he can win the war against Capitalism and Hilary.

First , he is vowing to defeat Hilary Clinton once for all.

That means he will destroy her  life long dream to become first,

Woman president. Hilary is not democrat, she is Clinton only.

Today Hilary’s # 1 enemy is Bernie Sanders not the republican ,

As she used to say all her life.Americans are witnessing a tragedy.

(( When will the young people study the history of socialism and see for themselves

The evil of socialism and communism? People in North Korea are eating grass  the barks

Of the trees . Socialism is the core of poverty and corruption.Socialism has decimated many nations.))

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-




Thomas ! / Who Doesn’t Know Him ?

He always projects a great image of himself .

Thinking that the world revolves around him.

He is master of every subject and trade.

Exceptional expert about every known field.

He never opened an encyclopedia but he thinks as one.

He is afraid of the reality that shows him the end.

No one is around him ,no relative neither a friend.

He never watched the waves embracing the shores.

Never tried to understand his uncertain fate.

Living in his own empty shell of sorrow and void.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-


Don’t Ask Me ! / Why I Love You ?

Don’t ask me why l love you .

l intend to explain to you why l live ?

You are the world l heartily l love .

The world l want to live in forever .

To be next to you ,day and night .

Days without the sun are dull .

So are the nights without the moon and the stars.

My love you are the other face of love.

That never cease to please every beating heart .

You are the world where happiness choose to live.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

Interior Plastic Surgery ! / Natural Beauty.

There are those who desperately have exterior Plastic surgery.

To have a face – lift , or have corrective beauty surgery for one and,

A million reason.

Also there are those who need interior plastic surgery .

To reconstruct their  hearts and minds to beautify them.

Remove their envy,hate and resentment and replace them,

With   love   ,  kindness    and      compassion.

To sever every cell that is infected with evil and selfishness.

The world is in a dire need for brilliant surgeons to do the job.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

Delightful Mornings ! / Grace.

Mornings are the new birth for hope and life.

Mornings,the source for optimism , people to thrive.

No one knows mornings except the ones who wake up early.

No one can feel the mornings but the ones ,

Who breath mornings air and see their delight.

Mornings are the melodies the birds of the sky sing.

Which fills the hearts and souls of those who,

Appreciate the Grace of  God and his gifts.

There are those who don’t know mornings ,

Because they sleep more often too long.

They adore darkness , where their secrets hide.

Look at the little ones ,our angels without wings.

How much they love the mornings  and eagerly ,

Embrace the first  rays of the sun.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-


If Not Now ! / W h e n ?

Isn’t it time to say.” Good morning God , thank you for giving me,

Another day to enjoy life and those whom I love ? ”

To say to your spouse ,parents siblings and friend .” I love you.”

Isn’t it time to reconcile and rebuild the broken bridges with the others ?

T o be grateful for those who helped you to achieve your ambitions ?

To take care of your health and to visit a doctor for a check  up ?

To have a vacation with your family  which is over due  ?

Probably go back to school to fulfill your dream which you put on hold ?

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-