Travel Alone ! / M.A.Wahab.

In memory of the most brilliant Egyptian composer and song writer,

Ever  lived ,M. A. Wahab 1902-1991 .The classical golden era of the ,

Egyptian music ended with his departure . His life loving music nurtured,

The emotions of my generation.


You who travel alone passing me by.

Why you had to leave before it was time .

You left without saying farewell or goodbye.

The eyes are tearing to express the void you left behind.

Like a Butterfly  circling around the fire you were a delight.

You brought so much happiness and love for the lonely souls.

Now there is nothing but days passing by.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-



Life is A Play ! / Appreciate it.

Life is  a play  , whether we appreciate it ,

Or whether we don’t ,we have paid for the ticket.

We have to endure it’s trials and thicket.

All the beauty  manifests by accepting it.

l am grateful for having the opportunity ,

To live it’s sweetness and it’s bitterness .

It is wise to appreciate life  every minute.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-




To Embrace the Essence ! / Totally.

The truth is the essence of every thing we do in life.

The truth is to get to the root and deal with it.

Its to abide by it in every situation.

Its very hard and its incredibly difficult .

Because it demand a strong will and clear conscience.

Every day we are tempted in so many ways.

But to walk a straight line ,is to side  with the truth.

He who holds to the truth will never regret a minute in his life.

The truth can change the course of all matters ,if a person seeks it.

When was the last time we tried to find out the root of our problems ?

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-