Hilary R. Clinton ! / Playing The Woman Card ! / Sunset Dynasty.

How Many Women In The World Can Make $650.000 dollars ,

In 30 Minutes beside Hilary Clinton ? Non.90% of the Americans

Don’t make so much money in their whole  life time.

The fanatic democrat ,the progressive and the  ,

Liberal mainstream media are praising and defending Hilary’s ,

Record on women living under the agony of poverty.

What does Hilary know about poverty?Did she ever went to bed hungry?

Did she ever slept on the corners of the streets at night? Hilary lives ,

A lavish life .She was 3 times first lady, a senator twice and secretary of state.

She never cooked a meal in her entire life ! What does she know abut women’s issues?

She made millions and millions for the Clinton Foundation ,

Beside the books she wrote , the speeches she gave for Goldman Sachs.

Was she ever a single mom raising teenagers and living in section 8 housing?

Did she ever fought for women in slavery and human trafficking in the world ?

How  many women did she victimized in her life time as a lawyer  ?

What does she know about domestic violence against women ,

Who usually end in the emergency room in the  hospitals ?

Liberals and democrats can give her a blank Checks ,that won’t ,

Make her a women’s champion.Having a dead conscience ,

Everything becomes permissible .

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com




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