The Epidemic Of Honor Killing ! /Is The World’s Conscience Dead ? Is the UN Dead?

Every day across the Islamic world’s countries , 1000 crime of “Honor Killing” are committed .

Women and young girls are murdered by their own families for refusing to get married or to marry the man whom their families chose for them forcefully.Most honor killing atrocities happen in the Ultra Islamic societies.In Saudi Arabia,Sudan, Pakistan ,Yemen , Afghanistan , Iran , Somalia , Nigeria , Kenya ,Indonesia . There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world .

These Muslims believe in their religious book which forbids them the killing of  the innocent yet they act against their believes. Despite these horrifying crimes Muslims  boast about having a merciful religion. Thousand upon thousand of women are falsely accused with adultery and stoned to death by their own relatives and friends. These innocent women become victims of honor killing.

The killers are set free according to their religious laws and constitutions. Today, In Muslim countries marrying a 9 years old girl is legally accepted .These little girls don’t survive the first night .They are raped and bleed to death.  Barbaric mentality and inhuman laws.

Today , a Pakistani girl was killed by her father  because she told him she wants to marry someone she knows. Is the UNITED NATIONS DEAD ? What kind of Allah they obey ? The Media in these Islamic countries is controlled by the Totalitarian regimes and it  is  enslaved.The laws are manipulated by  their religious men to service their masters the officials..

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-









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