My Morning ! / Splendor .

My morning is the splendor of your lips kisses .

The brightness in your charming eyes.

My morning is the breeze of yearning  ,

To your breathe and to your delightful presence.

My morning is the melody the canary sings.

When l hear your sweet voice in my ears.

My morning is your fragrance  which ,

Overwhelms my senses and my soul .

My morning is your smile and your looks.

l thank the Creator  for you being in my life.

Jalal Micheal Sabbagh -




The Eye and The Hand ! / Tenderness.

Close friends ,relatives colleagues , even some times total strangers.

l consider them in certain circumstances like my eye and my hand.

When my hand is hurt , my eye cries with sympathy.

When my eye cries , my hand touch it tenderly .

Is there , in life more special thing ,than sharing ,

Others happiness and feeling their pain and agony ?

Jalal Michaael Sabbagh-


Life ! / My Greatest Teacher.

Life taught me to appreciate the gift of being alive.

Life taught me , that friendship is the most ,

Beautiful relation when its embraced by families.

Life taught me ,true feelings nurtures  our piety .

Life taught me ,there are those whom we never forget ,

Despite the passing of time ,living in our memories.

Life taught me ,good deeds and kindness are the path ,

towards everlasting happiness.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-


Easter ! / The Ultimate Price ! / Forgiveness.

Dying on the cross with bitter agony Christ said.”

Father forgive them , they know not what they are doing.”

Is there greater forgiveness than this ?

Christ paid the ultimate price on the cross,

For the sake of all humanity,so we can have life.

(( Happy Easter , May the light of the Risen Christ  shine in every home

And shatter  the darkness in the world.  Jalal Michael Sabbah .))

I And My Pen ! / The Impossible .

l held my  favorite pen to write my ,

Heartily thoughts of love and affection.

To convey my feelings and dreams.

To praise your sweetness and delight.

Your compassionate heart and kindness.

Your tender words and your blissful smiles.

Suddenly the pen stopped ,with anger said.

”  How do you want me to describe the impossible,

Can a tree sprout with a seed  ? ”


(( May the triumphant Easter brings peace to humanity.

Happy Easter, may the joy of Easter touches every heart. ))

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

Islamic Volcano Erupts In Brussels ! / NATO,UN,The West Still Debating.

The Western culture and world’s civilization , facing the ultimate threat ever,the Islamic Extremism  . As of today the European Union has collapsed . They Ought to secure their borders  and rebuild their intelligence.The World is sick of nonsense rhetoric from incompetent leaders repeating the same trifles after every terrorist attack.

Today,March 22,2016  the Islamic fanatic terrorists carried out yet another barbaric genocide in Brussels ,killing 30 innocent people and injuring more than 230 victims.

This is how the Muslim Jihadist immigrants show their gratitude and appreciation for the generous  and kind Europe that hosted them and opened it’s doors for them. First Paris now Brussels , next Madrid,Vienna,Rome and every European city Islamic terrorists have invaded.

Europe is becoming a playing ground for atrocious Islamic terrorism  massacres .The Present is facing the greatest thread since the Islamic invasion of the world in the 7th.Century .When Islam Invaded Europe,China,India and destroyed the Middle-East.

ISIS, (the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.) through immigration and Syrian refugees crisis was able to establish a dangerous BASE of terrorism in Europe. Now the European Incompetent Politicians are paying a heavy bloody price.

Since June 2014, I S I S thugs have committed tens of horrific GENOCIDES , the  Liberal Politicians of the world are witnessing ,killing of the innocent,raping,beheading burning people alive yet these Diplomats have a dead conscience .

Bombing from the air did not stop I S I S . It is time to face these killers face to face.Time is running short.Paris,San Bernardino,  today Brussels are THE TIP OF THE  ICEBERG. What are the world leaders waiting for  ? Islamic suicidal mentality is not going to change not now not EVER.

(( Belgium 3 million population have 600,000 Muslims  , 20% of the country are breeding Jiadists  IN THE MOSQUES to annihilate the non Muslims. Their faith allows them to kill babies and children.Hatefulness is worst than double edged swords ,  worst than cancer that is growing in the heart of Europe.))

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-http:/




Mothers ! / Overwhelming Love.

If mother’s love can transform to water ,

It can flood the whole four corners of the world.

Mothers are gifts from heaven above.

To ease the suffering and pain,to heal the injured soul .

To comfort  humans living a life of despair.

To Embrace our weakness and transforms it to success.

((   How many ways  can l feel  mother’s love ? As many as the number of the stars of the sky.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-     ))