Vincent Van Gogh.(1853 – 1890 ) Rejection.

The Dutch painter,Vincent Van Gogh is considered one of the world’s most renowned painter of the 19th.century. He is regarded by many artists as the greatest painter  of the classical era.

He was stricken by poverty and  was rejection by his own people despite his brilliancy.All he earned during his life time from his paintings equal to what is $85 . A century later ,Dr. Bachet the famous paintings collector sold one of  Vincent Van Gogh ‘s painting for the incredible sum of 82.5 million dollars.

His most famous saying ,whenever he was asked about his inspiration was.”l dream my painting , and l paint my dream.”

(( if anyone feels rejected by the others ,should think about the overwhelming rejection this genius had to endure through out his life time. Jalal Michael Sabbagh- ))


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