Blaise Pascal .(1623 – 1662 ) Worthiness .

the brilliant French philosopher , mathematician , and scientist pascal,

Was asked by a young man in a Parisian Cafe .” Why you are reading an old book

Like the bible ,you should read the books of the great philosopher Pascal.”

Pascal did not answer the young man and kept reading.

When the young man was about to leave the Cafe he asked pascal again.”

What is your name if l may ask.”

” I am Blaise Pascal who wrote the books  you are holding .”

Pascal says about himself.” No matter how old a person gets, how much

He achieves , how important elective office he holds in his life eventually ,

He will return to God. Without God there is no greatness or worthiness .

Compromise ! / Precious Free Will ! / Destiny.

Throughout the ages ,even now  in our present time ,

There are those individuals who think they can with ,

Violence and  intimidation compromise people’s   ,

Faith , morals ,  values and dignity  .

Politicians ,radical progressives ,socialists ,

Extremists want to use their inhuman ideology.

To destroy people’s free will and  their way of living.

They ought to examine the pages of the history.

They ought to read the fate of  every tyranny.

No one has the right to compromise our precious will.

To hold to our ambitions,dreams and decide our destiny .


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Precious Gem ! / Authenticity .

Every relation should be treated like  a precious gem.

Among it’s many fascinating facets should be passion,

Affections , tenderness, faithfulness and  T r u s t  .

Both sides of the equation should be equal and essential .

To keep  the love and respect for life time.

The more the couple keep the  emotions  dazzling.

The more the relation strengthens , the more it glows .


(( A relationship is like a garden of flowers the more we take care of it the more it blossoms . JMS ))

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Doing What Is Right ! / Opposition ! / Redemption .

The Lord Jesus Christ , is regarded even by non-Christians , historians,theologians ,

Philosophers and thinkers as the greatest person who ever lived and walked on this earth.

He accomplished his mission and redeemed the world.

Jesus was opposed  and rejected not only by his own people ,but also by the religious elites.

Even today the Jews still don’t believe his coming , his sacrifices  and his resurrection.

The Muslims deny his incarnation and his divinity .

Yet Christianity is flourishing for the last two thousand years and stronger than ever.

Opposition and rejection by the others should never stop us from doing  what we think  it is right to do.

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The Feeling That Surpasses All other Human’s feelings ! / Piety .(Post # 743 )

My Lady ,l am a human who loves poetry .

l love to write simple verses  of poems.

That springs from the depth of my heart.

There is no place in my heart ,but for love.

For the feelings of love in my heart,

Surpasses all other human’s feelings .

Love is my piety and faith in life.

The beauty of the creation is the majestic soul.

The mystery of life  manifested in the incarnated  love.

(( Without Love ,there  would be nothing in the world worth living for.

Jalal Michael ))


Perseverance ! / Triumphant Lincoln .

Mr.Abraham Lincoln ,(1809 -1865 ) is regarded by the Americans and world’s historians ,

As one of the greatest presidents in our history , past and present.

Mr. Abraham Lincoln was defeated seven times in different elections for an office.

But then he won the greatest elective office of all .He was elected to become the 16th.

President of  the  United  States  of  America. One of  world’s great emancipator.

Persistence and having strong faith is the path for achievement.

(((“” Nearly all men can stand adversity ,but if you want to test man’s character , give him power. Abraham Lincoln.””)))

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Happy Valentine’s Day. February 14,2016 !

Happy Valentines valentines on Love’s day.

To those who are persecuted for loving love.

To those who promote kindness and reconciliation.

To those who are renewing the face of the earth.

With their loving tender and compassionate hearts.

Th those who never give up their dreams.

To those who never lose their faith in human race.

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Change ! / The Best Version.

Most people can change their lives when they change their habits.

When a person changes his habits ,he definitely helps himself  to be,

Free from restlessness , anxiety , pain ,  depression ,anguish , impatience  ,

And most of all from irritable  moods .

Changing habits is the sure path toward becoming ,

The best version of oneself .

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Heart ! / Mind ! / Torment ! / Affection and The Love .

There are so may love stories in life .This is a Homage to the poet in the Arabian desert.


Love and affection in the Arabian desert captivate the uttermost human’s ,

Senses,emotions and desires.Pure ,honest ,faithful  yet so provocative .

Loving a woman in the Arabian deserts transcends even the point of ,

Admiration and worshiping.Infatuated poets depict their compassion,

Like the phoenix yearning to reach the threshold of the heavens,on the ,

Verge of getting exhausted ,before death captures their souls.

The purity of their love burns them to ashes yet from the ashes ,

They rise again to a new rebirth to their timeless youthfulness.

Their souls seems to be in existence since the universe existed.

For as long their hearts beat ,they live their inspiration and thrive.

The poet in the Arabian desert is like the sparrows ,but he knows not,

How the sparrows live ages and ages ,how they nest and raise their chicks.

How they teach them to be resilient to survive ,  they…

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Can We Believe The Impossible ? / Fulfillment. (Post# 738)

There is nothing in life that is more important ,

Than giving L O V E and receiving L O V E .

Love is the fulfillment of all good things alive.

Kindness , honesty , faithfulness , reconciliation ,

Truthfulness , are the essence of human goodness.

Where there is love ,there is Peace and harmony .

Where happiness and the impossible can be achieved.

Without love nothing in existence can be nurtured or thrive.

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