The Battle Of Tours .October 10,732 A.D. /Never Again.

This epic battle was fought in North central France.

Under the leadership of Charles Martel king of France.

The French were victorious defeating the monstrous Islamic,

Invading army.

If it wasn’t for the French and king Charles Europe today ,

Would be rule by Islamic Sharia and talking Arabic.

In the 8th.century Islam invaded East of Spain,China ,India,

And the Middle Eastern countries and destroyed them.

At the present time Muslims are invading Europe and the Western

Countries with immigrants and refugees.

History does repeat itself .Only the wise and the diligent can,

Differentiate between peaceful religion and aggressive hateful religion.

A religion that rejects equality ,peace,mercy and justice.

The current administration’s incompetent so called advisers want to bring

tens of thousand of these refugees from Syria without knowing who they really are?

They  could be rapist , criminals , terrorists or ISIS thugs recruiters.

Jalal Michael


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