Lesson From Dad VIII ! / Logic.

” If you want your future to be ,

Different from your past .

There is only one way to achieve it.

First do what is necessary .

Then do what is possible .

Before you know it,you will,

Be doing the impossible.”

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com

What Does The World Give ? / Illusions.

The world can give a person,

Stature,power and wealth.

It can give timely glamour too.

But the price is very high the person,

At the end  must  face  and pay .

(( He said .” Don’t pile riches on earth to decay , rather do good.

Which will become your treasure to the heavens shows you the way.”

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-http://mysuccessisyoursuccess.woordpress.com ))